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Saturday, December 01, 2012

December Magicks and Rituals

December, the twelfth and final month of the current Gregorian calendar and the first month Winter, derives its name from decem, the Latin word meaning "ten," as December was the tenth month of the old Roman calendar.

This page serves as a jumping off point for December holy days, spells, magicks, lore, rituals, superstitions and  more.

General information on the month of December:
Astrology and Birth Signs for December:
(note: some of the dates will overlap with November and January)
Celtic and Nordic Tree astrology and signs for December:
(note: some of the dates will overlap with November and January)
  • Ash Tree (Nov 22 to Dec 01)
  • Elder (Nov 25 - Dec 23)
  • Hornbeam Tree (Dec 02 to Dec 11)
  • Fig Tree (Dec 12 to Dec 21)
  • Yew (day before the winter solstice)
  • Fir (day of the winter solstice)
  • Mistletoe (day after the winter solstice)
  • Beech (Dec 22)
  • Apple (Dec 23 to Jan 1)
  • Birch (Dec 24 - Jan 21)
Holidays, Feast Days and Holy Days in December:
  • 1: The festival of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. Poseidon is also the god of rebirth.
  • 4: Bona Dea
  • 5: Faunalia
  • 9;: The festival of Ops, the Roman goddess of harvest.
  • 11: The Septimontium
  • 11: Agonalia
  • 13: New Moon (this date will vary from year to year)
  • 13: The Sementivae, the second festival of Tellus, the Roman earth goddess.
  • 15: The second festival of Consus, the Roman god of good council
  • 17: Beginning of Saturnalia - festival of Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture. The most popular Roman festival, for on this day the roles of master and slave were reverted.
  • 18: Eponalia
  • 20: Mother Night
  • 21: Winter Solstice or Yule
  • 21: Litha (Southern Hemisphere)
  • 21: The Juvenalia
  • 21: Divalia - Angeronalia, festival of Angerona, the Roman goddess of secrecy.
  • 22: Sun enters Capricorn
  • 22: Sign of the Beech Tree
  • 23: The Larentalia (Larentinalia), festival of Acca Larentia the Roman goddess who gave the early Romans their land.
  • 25: Christmas Day
  • 25: The birthday of Mithra, the Persian god of light and wisdom.
  • 25: Festival of the Invincible Sun God
  • 25: Feast of Frau Holle, Germanic goddess
  • 26: Boxing Day
  • 26: St Stephen's Day
  • 27: Mother Night
  • 27: Blessing of the Wine
  • 28:  Full moon - Big Winter Moon
  • 28: Dyzymas Day
  • 29: Feast of Fools
  • 30: Bringing In The Boar
  • 31: New Years Eve
  • 31: St Sylvester's Day
  • 31: Festival of Hogmanay
Spells and Magicks for December:
Yule and the Winter Solstice:
The Twelve Days of Christmas

Recipes for food, incense, potpourri, and more:

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