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Friday, February 06, 2009

Magickal Properties of Common Herbs

ACACIA: divination
ADDER"S TONGUE: divination
ANGELICA: excorcism, healing, and protection against evil influences.
AVENS: soul purification.
BASIL: exorcism, love spells and protection against evil influences.
BAY: clairvoyance, healing, good luck and protection against evil influences.
BERGAMOT: prosperity.
CAMPHOR: divination.
CATNIP: love spells.
CARNATION: psychic healing.
CEDAR: healing, prosperity and sanctification.
CHAMOMILE: sleep potions.
CINNAMON: clairvoyance, healing and love spells.
CINQUEFOIL: prosperity.
CLOVES: diviation, exorcism, love and spiritual purification.
CLOVER: anti-sorcery, counterspells and protection against evil influences.
CORIANDER: love spells.
DILL: anti-sorcery and protection against evil influences.
DRAGON'S BLOOD: exorcism and love spells.
ELDER: aphrodisiac, love spells and prosperity.
FENNEL: healing and purification.
FERN: exorcism and spells to attract rain.
FRANKINCENSE: consecration, divination, exorcism, healing, love spells and spiritual purification.
GARDENIA: healing and love spells.
GARLIC: exorcism, protection against evil influences and purification.
GINGER: aphrodisiacs and love spells.
HAWTHORNE FLOWERS: clairvoyance and divination.
HAZEL: aphrodisiacs and love spells.
HONEYSUCKLE: divinaton.
HOPS: healing and sleep potions.
JASMINE: aphrodisiacs and love spells.
JUNIPER: aphrodisiacs, exorcism, healing, love spells and protection against evil influences.
LAVENDER: aphrodisiacs and love spells.
LEMON BALM: healing and love spells.
LEMON GRASS: divination.
LILAC: exorcism.
LOVAGE: aphrodisiacs and love spells.
MACE: divination.
MALLOW: exorcism.
MANDRAKE ROOT: aphrodisiac, cursing enemies, love spells, protection
against evil influences and spells to ncrease psychic powers.
MARJORAM: prophetic dreams and protection against evil influences.
MINT: exorcism and healing.
MUGWORT: astral projecton, clairvoyance, divination, prophetic dreams, and Spells to increase psychic powers.
MYRRH:consecration, exorcism, healing and meditation.
MYRTLE: sleep potions.
NUTMEG: divination and healing.
ORRIS ROOT: clairvoyance and divination.
PASSION FLOWER: sleep potions.
PATCHOULY: invocation of elemental powers.
PEONY ROOT: anti-sorcery and protection against evil influences.
PINE: prosperity.
ROSE: divination, healing and love spells.
ROSEMARY: counterspells, healing, love spells and purification.
RUE: exorcism and hexing of enemies.
SAFFRON: love spells.
SANDALWOOD: consecration, healing and protecting against evil influences.
SASSAFRASS: prosperity.
SERPENTARIA ROOT: aphrodisiacs and love spells.
SOLOMON'S SEAL: exorcism.
THISTLE: exorcism.
THYME: divination and healing.
TONKA: love spells and prosperity.
VERVAIN: anti-sorcery, astral projection and sleep potions.
VIOLET: Healing and love spells.
WILLOW: healing.
WOOD ALOE: prosperity.
WOODRUFF: prosperity.
WORMWOOD: clairvoyance, divination and good luck.
YARROW: divination, exorcism, love spells, prophetic dreams,and spells to increases psychic powers.
YERBA SANTA: healing.

Note: This post was compiled by Shirley Twofeathers for Gypsy Magic, you may repost and share it only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Blessed be.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Astrological Herbs

Herbs can be mixed and combined to produce a "recipe" that's just right for each of us. Since the Sun sign you were born under has such an amazing influence on your health and well-being, using the herbs that correspond with that sign alone can be a tremendous help in times of stress or illness. Here's a short list of herbs that seem to be tailor-made for each of the signs, due to their associations with both the planetary ruler and the positive qualities of that sign....

I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been divided up and moved to my new website, Magickal Apothecary, hosted at, and the links to each individual zodiac herbal blend can be found below.

Aries - Mars
  • Allspice,
  • Basil...
It's no secret that Aries is the astrological equivalent of a bullet. It's a red-hot burst of energy that's capable of overcoming any obstacle by charging straight for it.... read more here:
Herbs for Aries

Taurus - Venus
  • Apple,
  • Apricot...
Taurus is the sign that's fondest of the pleasures that life inside these bodies can provide. Whether it's a blazing sunset, a symphony by Mozart, or a delicious meal... read more here:
Herbs for Taurus

Gemini - Mercury
  • Clover,
  • Eyebright...
The quick-witted, fleet-footed mercurial energy of Gemini just loves variety - in fact, the expression "variety is the spice of life" was written with you in mind.... read more here:
Herbs for Gemini

Cancer - Moon
  • Aloe,
  • Lemon Balm...
Cancer is the nurturer. Nurturing is your business, and you distribute your soothing touch to one and all. There's nothing you like better than a home that smells good, too... read more here:
Herbs for Cancer

Leo - Sun
  • Chicory,
  • cinnamon...
Leo, your planet is the Sun, the source of life and warmth that keeps us all alive and provides us with the energy we need to keep pursuing our life's quest.... read more here:
Herbs for Leo

Virgo - Mercury
  • Caraway,
  • Dill...
Virgo is a quick-thinking meticulous sign likes nothing better than a mental challenge, whether it's organizing a pile of papers at the office, solving a puzzle, or learning a new skill... read more here:
Herbs for Virgo

Libra - Venus
  • Catnip,
  • Passion Flower...
There's no sign as fond of pleasing others as Libra, whether it's by saying just the right thing to bring warring factions together, or by using your polite charm to draw the object of your desires closer.... read more here:
Herbs for Libra 

Scorpio - Pluto/Mars
  • Ginseng,
  • Dill ...
Scorpio is the sign of intensity and intimacy, so it's no wonder the herbs you'll love best are famous for their use in stirring up passion.... read more here:
Herbs for Scorpio

Sagittarius - Jupiter
  • Anise,
  • Clove...
There's no sign that hangs on to youth with more fervency and determination than Sagittarius. To keep that youthful appearance and disposition going as you travel the world... read more here:
Herbs for Sagittarius

Capricorn - Saturn
  • Comfrey,
  • Horsetail...
Capricorn has always been described as a very "focused" sign, intent on self-sufficiency and material success. The influence of your planet, Saturn, gives you the ambition and self-discipline to attain those goals... read more here:
Herbs for Capricorn

Aquarius - Uranus/Saturn
  • Anise,
  • Bittersweet...
The sign of Aquarius is a cerebral one, and your ability to turn "odd" or eccentric ideas into strokes of genius is well known. Since communication is your specialty... read more here:
Herbs for Aquarius

Pisces - Neptune/Jupiter
  • Aloe,
  • Bay...
As the most sensitive and psychic of all signs, Pisces is the one that requires help to ward off the adverse thoughts and intentions of others. Since you have no boundaries to keep you separate from others, you also need protection... read more here:
Herbs for Pisces

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