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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mistletoe Magick

Ruler: Apollo, Druids, Venus
Type: Herb
Magickal Form: Berries, Leaves, Wood
Use for: Fertility, protection, love, healing, luck, and invisibility

Mistletoe is another important plant that is used in many holiday traditions surrounding the winter solstice. Druids believed that anything found growing on an oak tree had been sent from heaven and mistletoe found on oaks was especially sacred.

Said to lose its power once it touches the ground, mistletoe is a holy herb and sacred to many deities. Mistletoe was perceived as being in a category all its own....

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Sara said...

great post, have a wonderful yule. Hugs Sara

btd. said...

Extremely informative! I just thought it was a simple tradition (or an excuse) to kiss under the mistletoe. I would have never thought it would give protection or fertility! Great post! Blessed Be! <3

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