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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At The Crossroads

Crossroads are considered sacred in almost all magical traditions. A crossroads is a universally accepted place to hold rituals, leave offerings, or dispose of items you wish to be rid of.

It is believed that Hecate rules over the three-way crossroads. She can see the past, present, and future. It is said that if you should approach a three-way crossroads at night, you would hear her black dogs howling. Her altars have been erected at such places for centuries...

... I am so sorry, but this post has been combined with another and moved to my new website, Magickal Ingredients. It can be found here: More Crossroads Magick and Lore.

1 comment:

Jose Prado said...

I love your site, this is my first time coming here! I'm a Gnostic Mage and I live in a urbanized area where there are dozens of Four Cornered neighborhoods here so people throw their trabajos (jobs) in the corners or in the centers of the roads all of the time.

Lot's of spirit activity here too. I pray to all the threshold Gods and Goddesses including Papa Legba/Elegua and Hekate. I'm also trying to learn Gypsy spirituality.

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