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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dictionary of the Language of Flowers

This is a reverse dictionary of the language of  flowers. I decided to compile it because most of what I find about flower meanings and communicating with flowers are listed with the flower first and the meaning after, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack if you have something specific to say.

If you are curious about specific flowers, see The language of flowers (a similar dictionary that lists the flowers in alphabetical order with their meanings). If you are interested in combinations of flowers, you might want to read this post on Combining Flowers for Specific Intentions.

NoteThese language correspondences can be used when creating a spell, planting a magickal garden, to set an intention, or to send a message. You may notice some of the flowers (and plants) have meanings that seem contradictory or inconsistent. This is because language tends to change over time. Also, you may find that magickal correspondences to some of these flowers are in direct conflict - that is because the meanings were not derived from magickal sources. When in doubt, go with the meaning that resonates with your personal experience, and be clear with your intention. Pictures may be substituted for the actual flower or plant.

Here's the dictionary:
  • A message (for thee) - Common Garden Iris;
  • A token - Laurestine; Ox-Eye Daisy;
  • Absence - Wormwood;
  • Absence (I mourn your absence) - Zinnias;
  • Absence (love in absence) - Myrtle;
  • Absent (in memory of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnias;
  • Absent (thinking of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnias;
  • Absent (thoughts of absent friends) - Zinnias;
  • Abuse (do not abuse me) - Saffron (Crocus);
  • Abuse not - Crocus;
  • Accommodating (accommodating disposition) - Valerian;
  • Ache (my heart aches for you) - Red Carnation;
  • Action (energy in action) - Chamomile;
  • Activity - Thyme...
... I am so sorry but this post has been moved to my new website, Magickal Ingredients, and can be found in its entirety here: Dictionary of the Language of Flowers.

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