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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Full Moon Mojo's

This is the day when we go through all your little new moon "mojo's" and reset them for the full moon. Lots of little easy tasks.

If you put a dollar under your doormat, today is the day to remove it if that's what you want to do. If you do remove it, sprinkle the spot where it was with a little pinch or two of mint to freshen the energy. If you like that spell, and want to keep it going, you can leave it where it is until the new moon (about 2 weeks from now), at which point you can either refresh your dollar with cinnamon, or replace it with a larger bill.. say for example, a five dollar bill.

If you do opt to remove the dollar bill, it might be fun to put it on your spindle (or in your envelope) so it can continue to draw all that good prosperity to you.

If you put a coin in your windowsill, today is the day to flip it over so that the "tails" side is up. "Heads" up brings money in. "Tails" up deflects and sends money problems out. When you flip your coin, it might be nice to hold it in your hands for a moment and appreciate the good energy it brought to you.

If you made Madam Fortuna's prosperity oil, today is the day to fish that coin out of the oil, gently and appreciatively wash it with warm soapy water. Add a pinch of ginger to the oil after you remove the coin, this will act as a sealant for the energy accumulated as the moon became full. If you have a decorative bottle that you would like to use for your prosperity oil, now is a good time to fill it. Hand blown Egyptian glass perfume bottles are really really cool, and not very expensive.

You might also want to do a short full moon meditation. It's a nifty way to pull in the "fullness of the moon" into your prosperity.

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