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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Summoning Hecate

Hecate, Queen of Witches, pre-eminent deity of the ancient nation of Caria, Matron of Midwives, and psychopomp maintians office hours only at night: formal petitions and invitations must be offered after dark. A particularly ancient spirit, the only source of illumination she favors is fire....

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Kerral said...

Karl here,

Just a quick question.

How would I perceive Hecate's presence and receive her aid if I do not have a dog with me? Would the fire go out? I have heard accounts where winds blow after summoning spells are cast and people hear a regal sort of laughter.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Perceiving the presence of a Goddess is something that is different for everyone. Wind might blow the candles out, you might hear laughter, or other sounds, but I think that would be rare.

My own experience is that the air changes in a subtle way, and I just know.

Have you ever had the experience of having someone try to sneak up on you and you could "feel" that they are there even if you don't see them at first? For some people it's kind of like that.

Doviewillow said...

I heard the Goddess call out my name...she has really lighted the way for me and I shall follow respectively*** )0( Peace..Dovie

Anonymous said...

For me, I have seen Her in my dreams and heard Her laugh ( more of a cackle) and She said that "I am always with you" and then laughed again. I was really afraid at first because I thought it was a nightmare. In the morning when I thought about it I remembered that I summoned her before sleeping so I believed it was Her.

Anonymous said...

This is important, is there a way to summon her so you can actually speak with her? yet, what if you are not near any three-way crossroads.

and what if you are nothing but a kid.

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