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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Madame Fortuna's Prosperity Oil

Madam Fortuna's Prosperity Oil

The optimum time to make this oil is 5 days following the new moon. But it can be made any time during the new or crescent moon phase.
  • A small item made of gold
  • Olive oil
  • Small clean container (preferably glass) with a tight fitting lid
  • Powdered cinnamon or cinnamon essential oil...
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Parvati said...

Hi there,

Just completed the rituals for this spell and it suddenly struck me that I was not sure how to use the oil. Do I anoint my hands or my home and how often?
I guess this query reveals my naiveté so yes, just starting out on this journey. But have to say, this blog and the brand of magic used here are some of the very few completely benevolent ones I've come across. Thank you for being so.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi Parvati - I'm glad you're enjoying this site. The oil can be used to annoint candles when doing prosperity spells, you can "dress" your money by putting just a little on it before spending it - the idea being that there will be more where that came from, you can also put a bit on your check book cover, billfold, or purse.

This was an excellent question, probably I should write a post on all the ways this oil can be used!

Thanks -
Bright Blessings!

Parvati said...

Dear Two Feathers,

Thanks for answering my query and glad I could give you some food for thought. It's been a pleasure:)

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