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Friday, June 21, 2013

Cancer Begins

Themes: Kinship; Protection; Kindness; Moon; Love; Devotion; Fertility; Relationships
Symbols: Fish; Moon; Silver (lunar), Blue Items (her favorite color); Crab
Presiding Goddess: Lady of Regla

About the Lady of Regla: This West Indian fish mother swims in with summer rains as the bearer of fertility, family unity, prospective life mates, and other traditionally lunar energies. Shown in art looking much like a mermaid, the Lady of Regla is also the patroness of this astrological sign.

To Do Today:

In astrology, those born under the sign of Cancer have a great deal of compassion, desire family closeness and stability, and are ruled by the moon, all of which characterize this goddess's energies to a tee. How you emphasize those powers depends on what you need. For harmony at home, add blue highlights to your decorating scheme, and wear pale blue clothing when having difficult conversations.

Eat fish or crab today to digest a little extra self-love or empathy, or to encourage fertility in any area of your life. To spice up this magic, serve the fish with a bit of lemon juice - a fruit that emphasizes devotion and kinship.

If you'd like to dream of future loves or get the Lady of Regla's perspective on a difficult family situation, leave her an offering of yams before going to bed. According to local custom, this invokes Regla's favor and you will experience helpful night visions - so take notes!

From: 365 Goddess

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