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Friday, July 08, 2011

Folk Medicine Cures - Holly

Here we have an extensive collection of old folk remedies using holly leaves, branches, and bark - to cure everything from Brights Disease to Whooping Cough. As with all old remedies and cures, some actually work, others are ineffective and harmless, while some are downright dangerous. So, use common sense and know what you're doing before trying any of these.

In General: I did notice that there was a fair amount of thrashing with holly branches to cure chilblains, arthritis, and rheumatism. A good holly thrashing was even said to induce a long life. Teas were routinely concocted from the leaves for fevers, colds, flu, and even measles. Some of these remedies use holly berries which is not recommended - see caution below.

CAUTION: The berries of the holly tree are poisonous to children. They are purgative and often cause nausea and vomiting.

Arthritis: Beat arthritis with a holly spray.

Bright's Disease: To cure Bright's disease, put into a half-gallon of apple brandy a handful of cherry bark, persimmon bark, red holly bark, and dogwood root, and drink the solution....

... I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website, Folk Medicine Remedies and Cures, and can be found in its entirety here: Holly - A Cure All Herb

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