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Monday, July 18, 2011

Bad Omens in Nebraska

The signs, omens, and portents in the following collection have been reported by inhabitants of Nebraska and most of them are beliefs or sayings commonly known in the central western region. Although the list must be far from complete, it is probably representative of the bulk of current (1933) superstitions of Nebraskans.

  1. If a dog howls at night, it is a sign of the death of a friend.
  2. If a dog sits and howls at the moon, it is a sign of death.
  3. One death will be followed almost immediately by two more in the family or the neighborhood....
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1 comment:

Lisa W. said...

Very interesting! I grew up in Nebraska and heard quite a few of I really remember that isn't on here was holding your breath while passing a cemetary and keeping your fingers crossed to keep death away.

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