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Monday, July 08, 2013

New Moon Lore

Almost every culture believed that if the New Moon came on Monday (Moon-day) it was a sign of good weather and good luck.

Two new moons in one month were said to predict a month's bad weather.

Any new moon on a Saturday or Sunday was said to predict rain and general bad luck.

Good luck will come your way if you first see the New Moon outside and over your right shoulder. You can also make a wish that will be granted. The best luck came from looking at the Moon straight on.

In some parts of Ireland, upon seeing the New Moon, people bowed or knelt, saying: O Moon, leave us as well as you found us.

Upon seeing the New Moon, bow to her and turn over the silver or coins in your pocket. This will bring you luck in all your affairs.

If the New Moon is seen for the first time straight ahead, it predicts good fortune until the next New Moon.

To encourage luxuriant growth, cut your hair on the New Moon.

Wood cut at the New Moon is hard to split.

The English had a saying that if a member of the family died at the time of the New Moon, three deaths would follow.

Although the Koran expressly forbids worshipping the Sun or Moon, many Muslims still clasp their hands at the sight of a New Moon and offer a prayer.

From: Moon Magick

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