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Friday, July 12, 2013

Gemstones For Luck

This is a list of gemstones believed to bring luck:

  • Agate - protection from bad luck
  • Amazonite - luck in hopes and dreams
  • Amber - promotes luck and success
  • Amethyst - brings luck in making your dreams come true
  • Aventurine - brings good luck in chance or gambling
  • Black Tourmaline - increases luck, brings success in business and relationships
  • Carnelian - brings luck in physical situations (Athletes)
  • Chrysanthemum Stone - brings luck by unexpected opportunities
  • Citrine - promotes luck in sales
  • Emerald - brings luck in keeping your lover faithful
  • Garnet - stimulates success in business
  • Malachite - brings luck in business
  • Moonstone - brings good fortune and success
  • Quartz Crystal - brings luck to get through the day
  • Red Jasper - reduces fear of dark and night to increase luck
  • Sodalite - promotes clear mind for creative luck
  • Tektite - good luck
  • Tiger's Eye - provides insight, good luck
  • Tourmaline - doubles your luck in any situation
  • Turquoise - brings good fortune, protects from negative energy, symbolizes wealth
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