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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Gypsy Ways and Magic

The Gypsy tradition goes back to the darkest reaches of time. It uses simple spells and rituals to harness the power of nature and of the elemental spirits that are all around us...

Sorry - but this post has been moved to, and can be found at Gypsy Magick - on this page: The Gypsy Way


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to change someones fate using this magic?

cryptic inspiration said...

No it should not be in a roma's will or heart,to change fate but only to try and read or see foreward and work as what is essentially a voice for an unseeable world, we are closer to a leaf than a dollar bill, we can hear a tree whisper or find meanings in the rushing of a river. the powers that control all, do just that control all... and absolutely no disrespect but the gaje don't feel the responsibility of knowledge that a roma or gypsy feels when say perhaps reading cards or tea leaves. people ask question, the answers are not ours, we do not control the cards, we only read a language that the gaje fears because they dont respect the knowledge that guides these readings... sorry for the vagueness but its like some one trying to explain a near death experience or perhaps like a hippie trying to explain psychidelics, its just something that happens man.

and always remember
Bad people dont sing

Simon said...

I love your detailed definition! I can see such pride and wisdom in your words, it's great!
What a great insight into a world of belief we just don't see to much of... Thank you x

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