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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Feast Day of St Bernadette

Today is the feast day of Saint Bernadette. If you think the visions of Saint Bernadette have no connection to magick and the Goddess think again - here is an alternative version to the traditional story:

On the cold morning of February 11, 1858, there was no wood in the Soubirous home, and no fire to warm them. Bernadette set out with her younger sister Toinette, and a neighbor girl, Jean Abadie, to scrounge in the forest for kindling. Maybe they would get lucky and find a rag or a bone to sell....

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1 comment:

Miss Costello said...

Marvellous, thought provoking article. For a long time, I too have been convinced Bernadette is not what who / the catholic church portray her as.

Thank you.

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