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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

About Magical Names

Many Wiccan books discuss the taking of a Wiccan /magical name. The ceremonial bestowing of such a name upon the initiate is a part of many initiation ceremonies. Afterward, the new Wiccan is usually exclusively called by this name within the circle.

Magical names are quite popular among Wiccans; so popular, in fact, that many Wiccans have two or even three such names (none I've met so far though...): a public Craft name (used at Wiccan gatherings, when writing articles, and so on); a secret name (the one bestowed during initiation), and perhaps even a third name which is used only when addressing the Goddess and God, and is known only to Them and the Wiccan. Wiccans who are members of more than one tradition may have ...

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Anonymous said...

First of all HI, what a great blog post.
I'm Pagan, and I have never felt the need to use a magical name, I see it like this, I'm solitary, probably always will be and I love it that way, when I talk to the Goddess and God I use my name, they know who I am and I know who they are. I never really understood the whole magical name thing, but then I'm not your avaerage person.
I guess for people who are ina coven probably have a need for magical names maybe its easier to step in to a persona for magical work (ive never worked in a coven i have no idea what goes on lol) so I can kind of understand why they would take/give a magical name to each individual.
For me its all about what feels right for you as an individual, so what feels right for me many not feel right for you. I think this is how I have always done my magical practises. Like dressing a candle, there shouldnt be a set way or a right and wrong way, its how that candle feels to you and how you feel it should be dressed!
Loved this post hun xxxx

~ Jayne ~ said...

To my understanding, magickal names are supposed to be known only to the person who chooses to take one, as names have power and can be used in spellcraft while unbeknownst to the named one.

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