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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Fornacalia - Day of the Ovens

The Fornacalia was held in honor of bread, and the ovens used to dry grains. This festival was movable, and could have been held any time between Febuary 5th to February 17th.
  • Color: Brown
  • Element: Fire
  • Altar: This ritual should be performed in the kitchen, with the altar built on top of the stove or inside the oven. Set a brown cloth with a red candle and many loaves of bread on wooden trays.
  • Offerings: Give some of the loaves of bread to those who have need of it.
  • Daily Meal: Everything baked - breads, cakes, pies, casseroles.

 Invocation to Fornax:

Goddess of the Oven
 Lady of Fire Enclosed...

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