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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aroma Magick

Aromas can make us hungry or feel comfort and warmth, or inspire the opposite reactions. The power of scent works with the memory and the magical properties of the material. Incense, oils, herbs - all of these can be gently heated, burned, or used as is to inspire a bit of the sacred each time we breathe in. Aroma is a person's earliest sense. As babies, long before our eyes focus, we know our world from the scents that surround us.

Aromatherapy and flower essences, such as the Bach flower remedies, employ scent and vibrational energy in a therapeutic sense and have been proven to change one's mood. They can work both on the self and on others.

In order to use the essential oils listed here, simply dab the oil on a cotton ball and sniff, or place a few drops in an oil burner and gently warm the oil.
  • To boost memory - Rosemary
  • To inspire lust - Ginger or hibiscus
  • To decrease lust - Camphor
  • To inspire hunger - Cinnamon or garlic
  • To create an atmosphere of comfort - Cedar
  • To heal - Eucalyptus
  • To protect - Garlic
  • To revive energy - Peppermint
  • To create sacred space - Frankincense and myrrh
  • To attract money - Clove
  • To promote sleep - Lavender
  • To promote laughter and joy - Orange and lemon
  • To ease grief - Rose
  • To calm stress - Chamomile
  • To conquer fear - Grapefruit
  • To calm anger - Patchouli
Found in: Elemental Witch
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