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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Successful Spell Casting

Here we have a list of thirteen steps for successful spell casting:

One: Think clearly about what you need.

If you need a car, perhaps it would be best to do a spell that will help you to bring a car into your life, rather than asking for a few thousand dollars to come your way so that you can buy a car. Magic can work in many ways and you might be limiting yourself if you don't stay open to all possibilities! But remember, magic works best if you really need something, rather than just desiring it....

... I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website, Book of Shadows, and can be found in its entirety here: Successful Spell Casting


Unknown said...

Please beware of the following spell casters,they are nothing but thieves,prophet jondo,master lebeh,thepowerfulcaster,rubutu ajeh,i lost more than 6000 USD on them and nothing work,i found a woman 2 weeks ago and she s a real caster,i cast a love spell from her for cheap price and it really work for me,if you wish to know more about the casters you can contact me on,pls beware all the scams around,all they want is your money.

TRUST said...

i saw a spell caster's address on net, so many good comment on him. And i decide to check him out to cast a spell for me for my wife was very ill. He asked me of some details which i gave him. And before now i have been scammed 5000 USD. By some fake spell casters. So my faith was very little. And when he did cast the spell it worked and my wife was healthy and fine just the way he said she would be. I was most surprise because he demanded for a very little payment. Unlike others who charge high. Thanks to him once more. I would any body who is in trouble to seek him for he never disappoint.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,i am Philip from Singapore..i have been scammed by so many spell casters throughout the world,this made my life miserable until i read about a group of spell casters who arrest and prosecute fake spell casters,they return my money and they recommend a genuine caster for me,the spell caster is in Malaysia.The group contact email is
pls lets work together to stop all this wicked casters.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,please be wise..verify spell casters before you used their services,90 percent of them are fakes,i got ripped off severally before i read about a group of registered spell casters,they recommend a genuine spell caster for me,when ever you meet a spell caster you just send his/her contact to them and they will verify if they are real or not,and they can also give you a real spell caster who s specialized in what you want,because i was told a spell caster cant cast all spell,they should be specialized in a particular spell,anyone who says they can cast all spell are fake.
contact them on

Anonymous said...

I was absolutely amazed at the number of comments by people who pay others to cast spells for them. Do people really pay such astronomical amounts of money to total strangers without questioning their authenticity? Don't they know a "real" witch would never charge someone like that to help them? Don't they have a clue that a "real" witch would not cast for third party persons without their consent. Where do these people come from? If they want to just throw their money away...tell them to just mail it to me.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,i m Amanda from Reston VA,I m here to seek advice on what to do.
I met Dave when i was in the college and we started as friends and later we fell in love,he has a lot girls around him,after we left the college,we started living our life in great love and harmony,we have a daughter (3yrs) together,everything was so good between us until a faithful day that he came home and he said he wants to travel back to his country to his parent,days after he got there he called me that he wont be coming back to the states again,that he s getting married to his old girlfriend,it was like a dream to me,the shock landed me in the hospital,i tried all i could to get my man back and nothing worked,he changed his contact number,i traveled to his country with our daughter and he refused to see me,he rejected us,i read about spiritual means of getting one's love back,i tried a lot of love magic and spell but nothing worked for me,i spent a lot of money and still no luck,one faithful day,i read about a great prophet who helps people with relationship problems,i contacted him,he prayed for me and he told me my man is under a spiritual problem,that his parents has placed him under a spell to marry a girl from their country,after he prayed for me,he told me my man will come back to me in 5 days and after the 3rd day,he came back to me to apologies,and we have been living fine,his parent had aplogies to me as well.
I m seeking you guys advice on what i can give back to this great prophet on his help for my relationship.
please advice me on my email

Anonymous said...

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we will help you investigate your activities.

annoymous said...

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