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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ritual For the Corn Moon

Prepare for the ritual in your usual way. According to your personal preference, begin with the following:
  • Ground and Center
  • Cast and Raise circle
  • Call quarters
Invitation to the God:

Lord of the night, join me now in this sacred space. 
Your Lady rides high in the sky and soon will be in and of me. 
Come now to join me in the ancient holy rites. 
So Mote It Be !

Spend a few moments becoming aware of the God presence and light the God candle. Most likely a gold, orange or red candle.

Invitation to the Goddess:

Blessed be Lady Moon, mother of all life. 
I invite your presence in my circle tonight. 
Join me in the joyous enchantment of this Esbat night. 
For behold, I stand here in the light of your love to worship 
in the ancient way and to spin moon magick like my ancestors before me, 
I seek to invoke your primal creative power, that my rite shall be successful. 
Hear me now, my mother, as I bless your bounty and your goodness. 
bless me in turn with your eternal tenderness. 
wrap me in your warm silvery light. 
hold me forever in the protective embrace of your boundless arms. 
So Mote It Be! 

Spend a few moments connecting with the energies of the full moon and light a Goddess candle, usually silver. Honor with songs, cakes and ale, or special reading. At this time you may perform the Drawing Down the Moon ritual or any other magickal workings.

When you are complete, release the god and goddess and thank them for their help and attendance. Release the quarters. Lower and open the circle:

The circle is open 
but never broken, 
So Mote It Be! 

From: Moon Magick
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