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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Charging Holy Water

  1. Collect rainwater, ideally within a stone vessel.
  2. Prepare yourself prior to preparing the water; bathe in Fiery Wall of Protection, Dragon's Blood, or lots and lots of salt, while reciting psalms and/or sacred verses.
  3. Prepare the water sky-clad (nude) or in clean ritual clothing. Where ritual clothing is not used, fresh, clean clothing, preferably white and made from natural fabrics is favored.
  4. Ladle the collected rainwater into a glass or crystal bowl.
  5. Place it between two white candles.
  6. Light incense first (frankincense, copal, benzoin, and/or white sage) and then the candles.
  7. Pass the bowl of water through the incense smoke.
  8. Visualize why you're preparing this water. Visualize the results this water will bring.
  9. Return the bowl to its place between the candles and leave everything in place until the candles burn out.
  10. Bottle the water.


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