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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Old Fashioned Cures for A Toothache

I am so grateful for modern dental care, and the fact that is readily available. There was a time, however, when a toothache was a major ordeal. For this reason, there is quite a lot of folklore that covers an amazing array of cures for a toothache. Some of them might even actually work - and if you really don't want to go to the dentist, you might want to give one or two of them a try. The first one, oil of cloves, actually works really well when applied directly.

  • Oil of cloves for a tooth ache.
  • Bite into a hot raisin right on the tooth that aches.
  • To cure tooth aches, hold whiskey over tooth in the mouth.
  • Take blood from around the tooth that aches and carry that to an oak tree that's been struck by lightning. On the north side of the tree, pull the bark down, put the blood in there, and then shove the bark back up. This will kill your toothache....
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