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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dimish your debt

This is a great spell for helping you diminish any debts you may have incurred, including those standard monthly debts otherwise known as bills.

The word abracadabra is extremely ancient and can be a powerful invocation to rid oneself of sickness and poverty. In this spell, we are going to use it to diminish bills and debt....

I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website,  Book of Shadows, hosted at, and can be found in its entirety here: Diminish Your Debt


Shirley Twofeathers said...

I found that by consciously "doing something" with each bill (even when I didn't have the money to pay the bill), I was mentally and physically reaffirming my power over my finances and banishing my dread.

The positive thought that you are working the best way you know how to empower yourself and your finances gives you an edge.

This was Silver's comment about this spell in her book, and I thought it would be good to post it as well.

Anonymous said...

I think this will help me a lot. I am just terrible about never opening my mail. I never look at my bills because they freak me out too much. I think this is great! I can't wait to get started decorating my envelope and working the spell.

I am also going to be looking for a "magic bill box". I was thinking I could decoupage pictures, and cool collage stuff all over it and make it really nifty.

And, oh by the way, I have sold 2 more items at cafe press and I think I might have some more boarding lined up for over christmas. So I am really feeling "flush" and good about the prosperity spells I have been doing.

Alex Khype said...

Dear TF

I just can't get enough of your blog. All these spells are really fantastic. I've also used this spell and the debts were gone almost instantly. Thanks so much for your generosity.

Jolli said...

the manilla envelope ... can it hold more than one bill at a time? and everytime i place a bill in it should i write another diminishing phrase?

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