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Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Gypsy Spell For Love

Suppose there is someone in whom you are very much interested. He or she seems to notice you but makes no move to develop a relationship. This is the spell to use. It is not a spell to draw that loved one to you, but more to "open the way," so that if there is interest there, he or she will feel free to make advances.

Set a wineglass on the table. Then suspend a ring (traditionally the mother's wedding band) from a length of red silk ribbon....

... I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website, Gypsy Magick and Lore, and can be found in its entirety here: A Gypsy Spell for Love


Sheena Simpson said...

Hi to the three contributors. I was doing research on gypsy lore and came to this blog. I would love to talk to you about where to find more about the Rom. So please contact me!

Voodoo said...

Nice blog I am glad to read.

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