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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Animal Symbols in Magic

Animal magic is use of an animal for its symbolism and energies. Animals can also be animal spirit guides. Similar to spirit guides, they are used for their strengths, skills, and guidance. Using animal symbols in your spell work can be very effective. They can be used to represent persons or situations, and/or to add strength and ability to what it is you are working to achieve. Here is a listing of many common animals and the general properties associated with them. You can also use this list as an aid when decifering dreams, omens, shapes in tea leaves, etc.

  • Alligator-aggression, survival, adaptability
  • Ant-team player, worker
  • Armadillo-active, nocturnal, protection
  • Bat-guardian of the night, cleaner
  • Bear-power, adaptability
  • Bear Paw-strength, mobility
  • Beaver-builder, gatherer
  • Bobcat-fierce, loner, intensity
  • Buffalo-sacredness, life builder
  • Bull-strength, warning
  • Butterfly-metamorphisis, carefree, transformer
  • Camel-weary, enduring
  • Cat-independence, grace, healing
  • Cougar-leadership, courage
  • Cow-patience, stoicism
  • Coyote-prankster, insight, playful
  • Crane-solitude, independence
  • Deer-love, gentleness, kindness
  • Dog-loyalty, protection
  • Dolphin-kindness, play, bridge man to ocean
  • Dragonfly-flighty, carefree
  • Eagle-divine spirit, connection to creator
  • Elephant-long life, self-preservation
  • Elk-strength, agility, freedom
  • Fox-cunning, provider, intelligence
  • Frog-connection with water element
  • Giraffe-watchfulness, mobility
  • Goat-stubborn, omnivorous
  • Gorilla-brute strength, adaptibility
  • Goose-faithful, communicative, traveler
  • Grizzly Bear-hunter, nature's pharmacist
  • Hawk-messenger, stopper of time
  • Hippo-linking water and earth, survival
  • Horse-stamina, mobility, strength
  • Hummingbird-messenger, stopper of time
  • Kangaroo-feisty, funloving
  • Lion-power, strength, respect
  • Lizard-conservation, agility
  • Loon-solitude, song, romance
  • Manatee-peaceable, unassuming
  • Monkey-playfulness, agility
  • Moose-headstrong, unstoppable, longevity
  • Mouse-timid, secretive, sneaky
  • Orca-focus, power
  • Ostrich-fickle, fast moving
  • Otter-laughter, curiosity, truth, patience
  • Owl-wisdom, perseverance
  • Panda-playful, kindness
  • Pelican-ever watchful, grace
  • Penguin-playful, loving
  • Pheasant-confidence, attraction, perseverance
  • Pig-intelligence, hunger
  • Polar Bear-fearlessness, power
  • Quail-sacred spiral, ceremonial, Holy
  • Rabbit-alertness, resourceful
  • Raccoon-bandit, shy, determination
  • Ram-new beginning, teacher, hoarder
  • Raven-trickster, mischievous
  • Rhino-durability, strength
  • Road Runner-speed, agility, cleverness
  • Salmon-instinct, persistence, determination
  • Seahorse-confidence, grace
  • Shark-hunter, survival
  • Skunk-wary, conspicious, intense
  • Snake-shrewdness, transformation
  • Spider-creative, pattern of life
  • Squirrel-trusting, innocence
  • Swan-grace, balance, festive
  • Turkey-smart, elusive
  • Turtle-self-contained creative source
  • Water Buffalo-enormus strength, hard working
  • Whale-wisdom, power, cleanser
  • Wolf-loyalty, success, perseverance
  • Wolf Paw-freedom, success, guidance
  • Zebra-family-oriented, alert
Note: This post was compiled from various sources by Shirley Twofeathers for Gypsy Magic, you may repost and share it only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. Blessed be.
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