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Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Moon Lore

When anyone spoke of Mountains of the Moon, it simply meant white mountains. The Arabs call white horses "Moon-colored."

Mount Sinai was probably named after the Chaldean Moon god Sinn, shich would make it another Moon mountain.

In Italy they say that if the moon changes on a Sunday, there will be a flood before the month is out.

A ring around the Moon means rain or snow.

The Irish say that to see the future, for good or ill, take a mirror outside. Let the light of the Moon fall on the surface and stare into it. Any face that appears will be connected with your future.

Cornish tin miners had some very interesting ideas about the Moon. One of these said that if you put a piece of tin in an ant hill near a certain phase of the Moon (unspecified), it would turn into silver.

If there are too Moons (two New or two full) in the same month, the weather will be unfavorable and unsettled until the next New Moon

In Wales, fishermen avoid the moon line, or the moonlight showing on the water, when setting out to sea; they consider crossing this bad luck. However, in other areas they say to make a wish when crossing the Moon line.

Many cultures felt that it was extremely unlucky to point at the Moon, and that bowing to the Moon would bring a present before the next change of Moon.

Country people said that the weather was more likely to change at the four quarters of the Moon than any other time.

Rain is coming when the Moon has a halo around it, or when an outline can be seen between the horns of a waxing or waning Moon.

One old legend says that on the Moon is everything that was wasted on Earth: misspent time, squandered wealth, broken vows, unanswered prayers, fruitless tears, unfulfilled desires and intentions, etc.

Once in a Blue Moon doesn't mean never; it means a rare occasion. The Egyptians connected their thirteenth month with the color blue, which was a lucky color.

Thessalian priestesses at one time laid curses using "moon-dew." Even into medieval times people believed that such curses were incurable.

To cry for the Moon is an old saying that means you are craving or demanding something that you can't have.

The word moonshine has two meanings. In the US it means "illegally distilled liquor," also known as "white lightning." An older meaning was "total nonsense."

In English, French, Italian, Latin, and Greek, the Moon is feminine; but in all the Teutonic languages the Moon is masculine. In Sanskrit, the word for the Moon is mas, which is masculine.

In some legends, the Egyptians said that the Dark Moon and the Full Moon were the two eyes of Horus.

From: Moon Magick

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