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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Apache Puberty Rites with 365 Goddess

Themes: Maturity; Cycles; Feminity; Tradition
Symbols: White-colored items
Presiding Goddess: White Painted Woman

About White Painted Woman: White Painted Woman taught her people sacred rituals, and she can change her appearance at will to that of a young girl or an old woman, representing the full cycle of life and all that awaits us in between. When White Painted Woman was a girl, she went away to the mountains, where the sun taught her how to conduct puberty rites, which is her function in today's ceremony.

To Do Today:

About this time of year, (July 1 thru July 4), Apache girls participate in a special coming-of-age ritual that takes place over four nights. Part of the ritual commemorates White Painted Woman's adventure in the mountains, and in another part the young women take on her role so they can prepare for adulthood. In modern times, rites of passage have been somewhat overlooked, but today is definitely a time to consider reinstating them to honor White Painted Woman and draw her blessings into someone's life.

If you know a child who has reached an important juncture (going to school, getting their driver's license, graduating) find a way to commemorate that tep in their personal growth. For school, bless a special lunch box or book bag with rosemary oil for mental keenness. For a license, make them a protective automobile amulet (perhaps something to hang off the rearview mirror). Whatever you ddo, fill this person's life with magic!

From: 365 Goddess

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