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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stay Away From Me Spell

We have the right to include or exclude anyone from our homes or even our immediate surroundings if we do not wish their presence.

This binding spell is very simple, but requires full concentration. Use a short length of black thread. Visualize the person or persons you wish to exclude. Tie a knot in one end of the thread, saying:

One to seek him/her/them.
Tie a knot in the middle and say:
One to find him/her/them.
Tie a knot in the other end saying:
One to bring them/her/him
Tie ends together and say:
One to bind him/her/them.

Stone to stone, forever one.
So say I. This spell is done.

Bury the knotted thread off your property. If you can't do that, drop it in a river, or out the car window along the highway headed out of town. The idea is that as you tie the knots you are binding (or attaching) the person into the knot and once the spell is cast, the thread must be disposed of in a way that it can't come back to you.

Note: This spell can also be used to get rid of situations and circumstances that look as if they might be headed in your direction. Also, be aware, the intention of the spell is to keep someone away from you - not to cause them harm.

Found in:  Moon Magick

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