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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Festival of the Sea

Themes: Providence; Protection (from water); Charity; Fertility; Peace; Cycles; Water
Symbols: Fish; Sea Items
Presiding Goddess: Wave Maidens

About the Wave Maidens: These northern Teutonic goddesses number nine and rule over the waves, being the joint mothers of Heimdallr, the god of the sea. In mythology, the Wave Maidens live at the bottom of the sea, watching over the World Mill that continually runs with the seasons to bring the earth and her people fertility and harmony.

To Do Today:

The first Sunday of June marks Sj√≥mannadagur or Seaman’s Day – a celebration of seafaring culture and Iceland’s sailors. The Festival of the Sea is a fun weekend of fish, games, demonstrations and music. 

In Iceland, fishermen honor the Wave Maidens today by taking a well-deserved day off and enjoying sports, foods, and dances, the proceeds from which support fishermen's retirement homes. If you're a fish lover, this translates into abstaining from fish today as a way of thanking the Wave Maidens for their ongoing providence.

If you live near a region where you can get to a lake or ocean, consider stopping by for a moment today and greeting the Wave Maidens yourself. Pick up a bit of sand and carry it with you to generate a better understanding of personal cycles and those of the earth. Or, gather a shell, a bit of driftwood, or a tumbled stone to promote the Wave Maidens' flowing harmony in and around your life.

In terms of clothing, think sea-blue or green and something that is loose, to help you physically flow as easily as the Wave Maidens through life's circumstances.

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