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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Magic of Gardens

Magical and healing herb gardens are sanctuaries of the soul. Indeed, any garden is a magical one to the Witch.

The earliest formal record of gardening dates back to a stone tablet from Mesopotamia circa 4000 BC. It describes how Enki, the Sumerian god of water, provided fresh water to the dry land and thereby produced fruit trees and fields from a desert like land. By 2250 BC, the famed Hanging gardens of Babylon were well established in the capital of Sumeria. These are considered to be the forerunners of gardens today.

In ancient Persia (modern-day Iraq), gardens were the playground of life. They served as a place of solace, a gathering place for friends and family, and a formal extension of the home outdoors. These gardens were called "Paradise" and were thought to be an Earthly view of what heaven must be like. They were cultivated carefully and tended to lovingly. 

Due to the desert conditions of the area, the gardens were usually enclosed by high walls. Many had aqueducts installed to maintain the irrigation needed for the gardens to thrive. Most often these gardens were formed into a square pattern and further divided into four smaller squares. Fountains and water channels were an important part of the architecture of the gardens. The gardens were said to have two of every fruit tree and plenty of places for sitting, so that one could rest and enjoy the view.

Zen gardening is considered an art form by many. A zen garden is a dry-landscape style of garden consisting of sand trails raked into intricate patterns. Often, the trails are not made of sand at all but rather of a crushed type of granite, a very fine gravel. Many times the gravel pathways circle a rock or bush. The purpose of Zen gardening (the raking of the gravels) is to provoke contemplation and meditation. These gardens are thought to be very peaceful and restful to the eyes.

Traditional Japanese gardens invoke a sense of peace and tranquility in both the gardener and the person lucky enough to view the garden. According to the principles of Japanese gardening, each element introduced must be something that could occur naturally. For example, you can find a waterfall in nature, but not a fountain. Hence, a fountain has no place in a traditional Japanese garden.

Knot gardens are by far one of the most fantastical types of magical gardens. They can weave a spell right into the landscape. A knot garden is a very formal, precise arrangement of plants and trees. To create a magical knot garden, choose an herb that corresponds to your intent and plant it in a pattern. The pattern can be as intricate or as simple as you wish. It can be a symbol, meant to reaffirm the spell, or any pattern you like.

The ancient Romans brought their gardens inside the home and invented the atrium. Many times the atrium was placed in the center of the house. The area was left roofless and was usually surrounded by walkways. It may have held reflecting pools, herbal gardens, and fruit trees.

One of today's most magical gardening practices is moon gardening. This technique uses an ancient system of moon phases and astrological placements to calculate planting and harvestime times. In a moon garden, white and night-blooming flowers are the main ornaments.

Friday, April 26, 2013

To Make A Decision

If you are faced with many choices, write each down on small slips of paper. Fold each twice and place them on a flat surface (such as a picnic table) which is standing free (not up against anything), in a place where a gentle easterly wind is blowing.

The wind should make the papers move around, and then fall to the ground. The last paper remaining on the table (or the last to fall, if you don't catch it soon enough) is your choice, should you decide to follow it.

If a sudden gust of wind sweeps all the papers off at once, rethink your choices and consider something completely new.

Note: This can be done indoors with the wind coming in through an east facing window, or even a fan blowing gently in an easterly direction.

From: Earth Power

To Vanquish Fear

Light a yellow candle indoors and sit in quiet contemplation for a second. See the candle's flames drawing in your fear and anxieties; see it and the candle becoming infused with them.

Take the candle outside and let the wind quench its flame. It's done!

Note: Check to make sure there is a breeze or wind outside before trying this one. Even better if the wind is blowing in from the South.

From: Earth Power

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Smooth Sailing Talisman

An ancient Coptic talisman invokes Poseidon's blessings of protection while at sea. The required image depicts Poseidon brandishing his trident, with one foot on a dolphin. Draw this on parchment paper (artistic ability not required) and carry in a charm bag. For maximum power, have the image engraved on aquamarine or beryl, the stones that Poseidon holds sacred. Charge and consecrate the talisman before putting out to sea.

 From: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

For Safety When Traveling By Water

Wear or carry one or more of the following: Aquamarine, Beryl, Coral, Pearls, Holed Stones (particularly beneficial during storms at sea)

Bladderwrack is a seaweed that also goes by the name "sea spirit." (Not to be confused with agar agar.) Carry bladderwrack for protection when traveling over the water, whether by boat or plane.

Paint eyes on your boat so it can see where it is going.

St Mary's beans float across the seas from the tropics of the Westren hemisphere to the shores of the Orkney and Hebrides islands. Carrying one of these beans allegedly protects you from drowning.

Sprinkle dulse onto the waters to calm the sea.

Create a cap from hazel leaves and twigs for luck and safety while journeying at sea. Wear it if you will, but at least keep it with you.

To calm a storm at sea, or at least to provide individual safety, toss a pack of playing cards into the waves as Christopher Columbus once did.

Rosemary derives its name from rosmarinus, which means "dew of the sea." Carry it with you for safe travel in the ocean.

Hang garlic from boats to protect against a malevolent enchantment that might cause a shipwreck. If it isn't your boat, carry garlic with you.

Carry ti leaves on your journey. According to Hawaiian tradition, ti plant leaves protect vessels from harm and individuals from drowning.

Before the start of your journey, make an offering of tobacco to water water spirits and request safe passage. (This should be the actual botanical, not the contents of a cigarette.)

Carry wormwood on your journey over water. It allegedly offers magical protection from sea serpents and other creatures of the deep.

From: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Smooth Sailing Spell

To ensure smooth sailing and sunny skies while aboard ship, exploit an old nautical superstition: Should you find a coin on deck, toss it into the wind before sailing to buy favorable weather.

Although not as effective as a genuine surprise find, you can, of course, arrange to find a coin in order to fulfill the ritual. Otherwise, make ritual offerings prior to sailing.

From: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Ma Zu's Protection Spell

Ma Zu, the Lady of Sailors and Fishermen, began her career as a pious young woman, devoted to Kwan Yin, whith whom she still shares altar space. The historic Ma Zu came from a seafaring merchant family and was born in 906 CE on Meizhou Island off Putian in Fujien.

Ma Zu began demonstrating her powers in childhood, demonstrating the ability to rescure people while she lay in a shamanic trance, resembling a coma. Those saved had a vision of a little girl. In life, she was able to send out her spirit to rescue those in danger of drowning at sea. After death she continues performing miracles. ma Zu calms typhoons and rescues people from storms and pirates.

To access her power, burn red candles in Ma Zu's honor before beginning your journey. Invoke her name during an emergency. Should she perform a genuine miracle for you, a vow to visit one of her shrines in China, Taiwan, or Singapore may be in order.

From: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells.

Ocean Safety Mojo Hand

Place three garlic cloves, three pine needles or pine nuts, and a pinch of rosemary in a mojo bag, together with a silver charm in the shape of an anchor.

From The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

His Boat

This boat you see, friends, will tell you
that she was the fastest of craft,
not to be challenged for speed
by any vessel afloat, whether
driven by sail or the labour of oars.
The threatening Adriatic coast won’t deny it,
nor the isles of the Cyclades,
nor noble Rhodes, nor fearful Bosphorus,
nor the grim bay of the Black Sea
where, before becoming a boat, she was
leafy wood: for on the heights of Cytorus
she often hissed to the whispering leaves.
The boat says these things were well known to you,
and are, Amastris and box-wood clad Cytorus:
she says from the very beginning she stood
on your slope, that she dipped her oars
in your water, and carried her owner from there
over so many headstrong breakers,
whether the wind cried from starboard
or larboard, or whether Jupiter struck at the sheets
on one side and the other, together:
and no prayers to the gods of the shore were offered
for her, when she came from a foreign sea
here, as far as this limpid lake.
But that’s past: now hidden away here
she ages quietly and offers herself to you,
Castor and his brother, heavenly Twins.

~Catullus (84 - 54 BC)

The Lunar Eclipse and Magick

The lunar eclipse is the symbol of the Crone, also called Hecate, Hel, Mother Hulda, the Snow Queen, Bone Mother, Demeter (when searching for Persephone and the earth's vegetation dies) and Sekhmet. It is significant that the eclipse does not related to the Crone as Lady of Wisdom, who is part of the Crone image with the waning crescent-moon part of the lunar cycle, but focuses on the Lady as Passage. Now is a fine time for Dark magic and Sidhe magic.

The Lady as Passage offers transit between the worlds to Otherworld and the Sidhe, and her moon is the best time for magic involving Other People, or for seeking a companion from the Otherworld.

This lunar event additionally provides a person with the opportunity of drawing the subconscious, intuitive mind, which draws upon the Goddess as Transformer. She is the Dark Lady of the subconscious, intuitive mind, who then transforms the practitioner's innate desire/will into reality as She Herself changes into the Mother. She gives birth to your desire in a ritual or meditation. You focus on what it is you want, and as the Moon passes into darkness, envision the desire being gathered by the Crone, then passed into the arms of the Maiden as the sliver of Moon appears heralding the ending of the eclipse, and brought into manifestation by the Mother as the Moon is finally revealed.

From: Green Witchcraft II

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Salt and Pepper Hex

Low level hexes cause low level misery. Sprinkle salt and pepper on your target's clothes, while thinking or chanting:

I put salt and pepper on you,
From now on you'll be sorry, miserable and itchy too!

From: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Pepper as a Magickal Ingredient

Ruler: Mars
Type: Spice
Magickal Form: ground, whole

Heat producing and fiery chili pepper makes a great lust ingredient. Add to coconut and chocolate to turn up the flames of desire. Place a circle of red peppercorns around a photograph of your lover to keep others away from him or her. Pepper is also used for war and separation spells. Sprinkle white pepper in the corners of a room to overcome anger and dissension. Black pepper mixed with salt and sulfur gets rid of someone you don't want around. Cayenne pepper makes a good boundary, and can be used to seal a sacred circle protecting those inside the circle from negative or harmful energies.

From: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients

Peppercorn Ceremony Magick

Themes: Prosperity; Abundance; Love
Symbol: Blue
Presiding Goddess: Erzulie

About Erzulie: This Haitian love goddess extends her beneficent springlike energy whenever we need it, especially when our pockets or hearts are empty. When life gets out of kilter, petitioning Erzulie sets everything back on track, slowly but surely. Blue is Erzulie's sacred color, and she is sometimes called the "loving one."

To Do Today:

Use peppercorns somehow, of course! This festival began in 1816 when the mayor of Bermuda was given use of the state house for the annual rent of one peppercorn. This rent must be delivered annually, and with all due pageantry, to preserve the island's prosperity beneath Erzulie's watchful gaze.

For us this might translate into eating a peppercorn dressing on a green salad (lettuce represents money) to internalize financial abundance, or keeping a peppercorn in your wallet to safeguard your money and its flow.

Definitely wear blue today to catch Erzulie's attention, and add blue foods to your diet - blueberries, blue juice drink, or even blue colored water. You can also encourage Erzulie's blessing through selfless actions. Give a friend a hug, pamper your pets, take the kids out for some quality time, and remember to kiss your partner goodbye in the morning. You'll feel better and find your heart naturally filling with Erzulie's love.

From: 365 Goddess

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dragon Power

Traditionally in India, a menstruating woman is often discouraged from eating hot spicy foods because this might increase her "dragon power," her potent menstrual magical influence. Of course, should someone NOT desire to diminish that power, but enhance it instead - hot spicy foods would be recommended.

From: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Prosperity Dragon Smoke Bath Salts

  • 1 cup salt
  • 5 drops cherry oil
  • 2 drops anise oil
Lightly mix the ingredients together and place them in a jar for storage.

From: Moon Magick

The Dragon Goddess of Borneo

Elements: Earth, Water

The Dragon Goddess of Borneo protects the living and guards the dead, guiding them to the next realm. She is the preeminent goddess of the Dayak, the indigenous people of Borneo. Her image is ubiquitous in Dayak culture, appearing on everything from baby carriers to funerary monuments. Dragon imagery is incorporated into traditional architecture so that she serves as a personal home guardian.

The Dragon Goddess is the source of agricultural and personal fertility. She commands thunder and lightning. Her consort and male counterpart is the Rhinoceros Hornbill, among the largest hornbills and now an endangered species. This hornbill rules the Upper World while the Dragon Goddess rules the Underworld. Together they preside over a Tree of Life, linking the realms.

From: Encyclopedia of Spirits

Dragon's Tears Floorwash

Make a strong infusion by pouring boiling water over dragon's tears (dragon's blood resin). Add this to a bucket of floorwash rinse water with vinegar and scrub away.

From: The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Bread Crescent Cakes

This recipe is a proper replacement for traditional almond crescent cakes in the cake and ale ceremonies. This bread relates closely to the element of earth and is a good grounding aid.

  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 2 1/4 cups flour
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 cup creamed corn
  • 1/8 teaspoon each parsley, oregano, thyme, basil, and garlic powder
Melt the butter in a 13 x 9 inch pan. Sift together the flour, baking powder, sugar and salt. Stir in the milk, corn, and spices. Turn the dough onto a floured surface and knead lightly. Roll into a 1/2 inch thickness. Cut into crescent shapes and place in the melted butter, turning so that each side is coated in butter. Cook at 450 degrees for 18 minutes. Serve warm.

From: Elemental Witch

Earth Herbs

This a  basic listing of herbs and spices associated with the element of earth:
  • Alfalfa: Alfalfa is kept in the home to protect against hunger and poverty. It is frequently burned and the ashes scattered around the home for the same reasons. It works well in money spells as well.
  • Barley: Barley is a healing herb and is known specifically to relieve toothaches. It is absorbent and will remove negative influences. Barley can also be scattered for protection.
  • Beet: Beet juice is sometimes used as magical ink and as a substitute for blood in magical use. It is known to attract love.
  • Buckwheat: Buckwheat is most often used in spells concerning money and/or protection. It can be scattered, carried, or burned.
  • Corn: Corn works well in matters involving fertility, luck and protection. It is frequently used in Sabbat rituals and as an offering.
  • Cotton: Cotton is known for its qualities of luck, healing, and protection but has other specific uses as well. Burning cotton is thought to cause rain, while scattering cotton seeds assures a productive catch when fishing and repels ghosts. Cotton cloth is excellent for magical use, as it is completely natural.
  • Cypress: Cypress is both a death herb and an immortality herb. It is a symbol of the crossover between the planes of life. It is a healing herb and is thought to increase one's life span.
  • Fern: The fern improves health and increases luck and prosperity. It is an herb of exorcism and can banish any negative influence. It is said that burning the fern's seeds will cause rain to fall, whereas carrying them will render one invisible.
  • Honesty: Also known as the silver dollar plant, honesty is used in prosperity spells and rituals.
  • Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is healing, protective, and cleansing. It also carries the quality of increasing one's wealth and psychic powers.
  • Horehound: Horehound is protective and healing and is used in exorcism rituals. Drinking it is said to improve one's mental powers.
  • Horsetail: Horsetail is used in fertility rituals and spells.
  • Knotweed: Knotweed is used in bindings and health spells. It is absorbent and therefore protective.
  • Loosestrife: Loosestrife holds within it the attributes of peace and protection. Simply scatter it around. It can also be given to someone to cease an argument.
  • Mugwort: Mugwort aids in astral projection, increases strength and psychic powers, and is protective. It is very useful in any type of intuitive work. (Note: Contact with mugwort may cause dermatitis. Also, do not ingest.)
  • Oats: Oats are used primarily in money and prosperity spells.
  • Patchouli: Patchouli is useful in spells involving fertility or money. It is a good substitute for graveyard dust.
  • Potato: The potato is often used as a poppet for image magic. It is also protective when carried.
  • Primrose: The primrose is carried to attract love. When growing in the garden it attracts fairies. It is also said to protect against madness.
  • Quince: Eating quinces is said to promote love. If eaten while pregnant, it is thought to increase the intelligence of the child. The quince can be carried for protection.
  • Rhubarb: Rhubarb pie, when fed to a lover, is said to keep that lover from straying. It is a protective amulet when worn on a string.
  • Rye: Rye bread served to a loved one will ensure that your love is returned.
  • Sagebrush: Sagebrush, also known as white sage, is a cleansing herb. It has long been used by Native Americans in smudging ceremonies to drive away negative influences.
  • Tulip: The tulip serves in matters of love, prosperity, and protection. it may be carried or placed on the altar.
  • Turnip: Turnips in the home protect against every type of negativity. They are also used as poppets in image magic.
  • Vervain: The magical use of vervain has been well documented throughout the ages. It was considered the most prized of the herbs among ancient Druids. It contains the magical qualities of love, protection, purification, peace, youth, chastity, money, healing and sleep.
  • Vetivert: Vetivert is most useful as a curse breaking herb. It also attracts money and luck.
  • Wheat: Wheat attracts money and fertility.
  • Wood sorrel: Wood sorrel is a healing herb when placed in a sickroom or carried.

Earth Stones

This is a basic list of the stones and minerals associated with the element of earth.
  • Brown jasper: Brown jasper works well as an aid for grounding and centering.
  • Coal: Coal has a well-known reputation as a money attracting stone, but there is more to it than that. Coal can also absorb any negative influences, making way for a clearer understanding of situations. It removes psychic blocks.
  • Emerald: Emerald has a long and distinguished magical reputation. It is said to increase psychic powers, attract money and love, banish negativity, heal, improve memory, and protect the wearer. Emerald has even been assigned the power to promote your business.
  • Green agate: Folklore holds that washing this stone in water and then drinking the water will safeguard one against sterility. Green agate improves vision when worn. It is also reputed to reward the owner with a happy life.
  • Green calcite: Green calcite is known to attract prosperity.
  • Green jasper: Green jasper is a healing stone, both to the mind and body. It is also said to increase empathy.
  • Green tourmaline: Green tourmaline can be worn to increase business success and to stimulate creativity.
  • Jet: Jet holds the attribute of becoming electrically charged when caressed between the palms. Due to the electrical qualities of this stone, it is helpful in transformations. Jet is absorbent and can remove negative influences. It is also said to protect, increase psychic powers, and heal.
  • Malachite: Malachite holds a unique attribute: it is said to break in half to warn the owner of impending danger. It increases magical power, protects (works especially well with children), brings business success, and attracts love and peace. It is also rumored to protect against falling.
  • Moss agate: Moss agate is the gardener's stone. It is reputed to work as a magical safeguard to the garden. It is a healing stone and is said to be especially good for relieving a stiff neck. Moss agate can be worn to draw new friends. It works well in spells that involve happiness and riches.
  • Peridot: Peridot is a protective stone. It is said to be especially effective in protecting the wearer against the magic and jealousy of others. Peridot is also a healing stone. It attracts prosperity, calms rages, and reduces stress.
  • Salt: Salt was so valuable in some parts of the world that it was used as money at one time. The religious use of salt goes back for centuries. It is cleansing and protective, increases prosperity, and works well to help one ground properly. Salt is also absorbent and therefore serves to remove any negative energies that surround a person.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise protects against danger. It is also said to increase courage and attract money, love, friendship, and luck. It works well as a healing stone.

Earth Correspondences

The element of earth is considered feminine and receptive.
  • Season: Spring
  • Magickal virtue: To Keep Silent
  • Direction: North
  • Time of day: Midnight
  • Sense: Touch
  • Fluid: Sweat
  • Power animals: Bears, bulls, lions, rabits
  • Places of power: Caves, fields, bridges, meadows, gardens, mountains, crossroads, the home
  • Commonly associated colors: Brown, green, rust tones
  • Linking items: Stones, rocks, crystals, dirt, seeds, wood, pentacles, coins

Connect To The Earth Powder

Here is an excellent powder for grounding, or anytime you are wanting to feel more connected to the earth.
  • 1 teaspoon dirt from your yard or a favored plant
  • 3 drops patchouli oil
  • 1 teaspoon barley, wheat, cornmeal, or rye
Combine the ingredients in a mortar, and grind to a fine powder. Sprinkle it about your meditation area to connect with earth while meditating. If you have trouble grounding after ritual or spell work, keep a bit in a covered box and smell it or touch it when you need help grounding.

From: Elemental Witch
Art by: Valentina Ramos

Earthy Magicks

Earth magic - or magicks that utilize dirt, the substance of the earth - utilizes two main techniques: burying and transporting. We transport basically anytime we use earth in a spell that does not include the burial of the item or take place directly upon the soil. For example, if a loved one tracked muddy footprints into my home and I swept them up and saved the dirt for later use in a healing spell, this would be considered transporting.

You may bury things in the earth for the purpose of cleansing an item of negative vibrations, ridding yourself of an item (banishing), planting seeds for future growth of crops, or blessing an item.

You may transport the element of earth by placing soil in a charm bag or in your home, using a mud mask, or even growing houseplants. Many magical practitioners make use of dirt by piling it on their altar and burning candles in the pile. As dirt is sacred, it is fine to do this.

It doesn't matter which of the techniques you use - burying and transporting both hold the full power of earth, even when the soil is used in small amounts.

Various kinds of dirt are said to perform specific functions in many magical practices. According to Hoodoo and Voodoo traditions  graveyard dirt is thought to hold within it the vibrations of the departed soul. The ritual collection of graveyard dirt includes getting in touch with the spirit of the body in the grave and leaving a payment for the dirt (usually a coin on the gravestone). For instance, if your intention was to use the dirt to cause harm, you would find a grave that held a murder victim or some other tragic soul and use the dirt frm it. Also incorporated into the ritual collection of graveyard dirt is the time of day in which the dirt is collected and the corresponding area of the body in the grave. In other words, for a love spell, you would take dirt from the area where the heart of the body lies.

Dirt from a crossroads is considered sacred in almost all magical traditions. It is believed to be loaded with supernatural powers. it is used for protection, blessings, banishing, domination - virtually any purpose. It is thought to be neutral, so one has only to direct it according to one's wishes.

Santeria incorporates the magical qualities of dirt in the following ways:
  • Bank dirt: Dirt from the area around a bank is thought to hold prosperity within it.
  • Courthouse dirt: Dirt from the area around a courthouse is used to gain victory in legal disputes.
  • Dirt from the bottom of a person's shoes: This dirt is said to allow one to dominate or cause harm to the owner of the shoes.
  • Dirt from the four corners: This mixture of dirt is thought to open the road to success. This particular dirt is considered a four-way crossroads.
  • Forest dirt: Forest dirt is considered protective.
  • Library dirt: Dirt from the are around a library is used in spells to increase one's knowledge and wisdom.
  • Mountain dirt: Dirt from a mountain is used in cleansing practices.
  • Racetrack dirt: This dirt is used in gambling spells to increase luck.
  • Seashore dirt: this dirt is thought to be cleansing.
From: Elemental Witch

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bull Superstitions and Folklore

Symbolically, the bull stands for nourishment through its slaughter or sacrifice. Insight into the past. The ability to stand your ground.

Dreaming of bulls could mean: Fertility of thoughts, ideas, possessions, makes the mundane and earthy more fertile, new ideas need to be expressed, teaches stability w/o stubbornness, assert feminine energies for balance. May demonstrate the necessity for a balance diet. Are you being forthright in your intentions? Are you willing to stand your ground in life matters? Bull can give us skills needed for expressions of strength. 

If you dream of cows or bulls chasing you, it means someone is very jealous and wants to hurt you. Alternatively it could me that you are "full of bull" (or they are).

As a lucky omen, it is said that if you hide in a bull's pen, you will have immunity from lightning. Also, if you see nine cows in a shed with a gray bull next to the door, and all of them lie on the same side, you are in luck, because you will be granted one wish.

Weather lore says that when a bull roars and stamps its feet, rain will grace the fields. Also, bulls' horns are a good symbol in meditation for motivation. Carvings of bulls are blessings, good for gardens and other protected places.

Tramping over a bull's balls, according to superstition, brings good luck.I am not sure if this legend applies to bull's balls in general, or is only applicable in Milan, Italy, where there is a mosaic of a bull on the floor in the Gallery Vittorio Emanuele II. It sports the coats of arms of the four capitals of the Kingdom of Italy. The tradition goes that placing your right heel on the bull’s balls and then spinning around inside the Turin emblem, brings good luck. 

When it comes to old time remedies, nothing beats a bull's testes as an aphrodisiac. Drinking bulls blood will revitalize the drinker’s blood as well as giving him the strength and power of the animal. According to an ancient roman text:  “For every hardness, melt bulls’ grease with tar, and lay on; it will make lithe and nesh all the sores and the hard flesh.” In the days of Pope Adrian VI, a plague was stopped by sacrificing a bull to the devil.

Collected from various sources

Taurus Begins

Themes: Work; Patience; Strength; Courage
Symbol: Bull
Presiding Goddess: Tauropolos

About Tauropolos: No goddess could better represent this date other than Tauropolos, the Cretan bull goddess whose name literally means "Bull Lady" (and that's no bull). Teaching us the virtues of diligence and the rewards of hard work, Tauropolos also has a strong connection to the fields (the plow) and the hearth, where food from the fields is prepared.

To Do Today: The Cretans were well known for having bull-leaping festivals that honored this goddess, probably as a fertility rite and test of one's bravery. Oddly enough, this is how we come by the saying "seize the bull by the horns!" So, if there's an area of your life in which you want to really seize the day, try this simple symbolic spell:

Find any image of a bull (in a magazine, carved out of stone, or in some other form). Put it on the floor, and put a symbol of your aspiration on the side of the image across from you. Say:

Tauropolos, prepare the fields for success;
help me now to do my best.

Leap over the image and claim victory!

If you can't find bull images, any harvested item may represent Tauropolos instead. If you choose this option, be sure to consume the food later. This way you can internalize this goddess's tenacity, persistence, and fortitude, then apply them toward successfully achieving your goals.

From: 365 Goddess

Taurus Oil

Add the following essential oils to 1/8 cup of a base oil. Visualize as you mix and smell.  For best results, don't use synthetics.
  • 4 drops Oakmoss Bouquet ...
I am so sorry to do this to you, but this post has been moved to my new website The Magickal Apothecary (hosted at and can be found in its entirety here: Taurus Oil

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dictionary of the Language of Flowers

This is a reverse dictionary of the language of  flowers. I decided to compile it because most of what I find about flower meanings and communicating with flowers are listed with the flower first and the meaning after, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack if you have something specific to say.

If you are curious about specific flowers, see The language of flowers (a similar dictionary that lists the flowers in alphabetical order with their meanings). If you are interested in combinations of flowers, you might want to read this post on Combining Flowers for Specific Intentions.

NoteThese language correspondences can be used when creating a spell, planting a magickal garden, to set an intention, or to send a message. You may notice some of the flowers (and plants) have meanings that seem contradictory or inconsistent. This is because language tends to change over time. Also, you may find that magickal correspondences to some of these flowers are in direct conflict - that is because the meanings were not derived from magickal sources. When in doubt, go with the meaning that resonates with your personal experience, and be clear with your intention. Pictures may be substituted for the actual flower or plant.

Here's the dictionary:

  • A message (for thee) - Common Garden Iris;
  • A token - Laurestine; Ox-Eye Daisy;
  • Absence - Wormwood;
  • Absence (I mourn your absence) - Zinnias;
  • Absence (love in absence) - Myrtle;
  • Absent (in memory of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnias;
  • Absent (thinking of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnias;
  • Absent (thoughts of absent friends) - Zinnias;
  • Abuse (do not abuse me) - Saffron (Crocus);
  • Abuse not - Crocus;
  • Accommodating (accommodating disposition) - Valerian;
  • Ache (my heart aches for you) - Red Carnation;
  • Action (energy in action) - Chamomile;
  • Activity - Thyme;
  • Admiration - Camellia; Lavender Heather;
  • Adorable (You're Adorable) - White Camellia;
  • Adoration (I adore you) - Heliotrope;
  • Adversity (energy in adversity) - Chamomile;
  • Adversity (faithfulness in adversity) - Wall Flower;
  • Adversity (hope in adversity) - Pine (Spruce);
  • Adversity (solace in adversity) - Evergreen Thorn;
  • Advice - Rhubarb;
  • Affability - Peppermint;
  • Affection - Sprig of Ivy with tendrils; Mistletoe; Pear or pear tree;
  • Affection (beyond the grave) - Locust Tree;
  • Affection (bonds of affection) - Stock;
  • Affection (generous and devoted) - Honeysuckle;
  • Affection (lasting) - Magenta Zinnia;
  • Affection (returned) - Jonquil;
  • Affection (return my affection) - Jonquil;
  • Affection (sacred) - Garden Marigold;
  • Affirmative - Solid Color Carnation;
  • Afterthought - Michaelmas Daisy;
  • Against (I declare against you) - Wild Licorice;
  • Against (I declare war against you) - Tansy;
  • Age - Guelder Rose (Snowball-tree);
  • Agitation - Quaking-Grass; Rhododendron;
  • Agreement - York Rose; Straw;
  • Air (I'm walking on air) - Yellow Lily;
  • Alas (Alas for my poor heart) - Red Carnation;
  • All (I offer you my all) - Shepherd's Purse;
  • All (Thou art all that is lovely) - Austrian Rose;
  • All (You please all) - Branch of Currants;
  • Always (Always cheerful) - Coreopsis;
  • Always (always lovely) - Tea Rose;
  • Always (always on my mind) - Pink Carnation;
  • Always (always remembered) - Everlasting;
  • Always (beauty always new) - China Rose;
  • Always (you'll always be beautiful to me) - Stock;
  • Ambassador (of love) - Cabbage Rose;
  • Ambition - Hollyhock;
  • Ambition (The ambition of my love thus plagues itself) - Fuchsia;
  • Ambition (I am ambitious only for you) - Fox Glove;
  • Ambition (ambition of a hero) - Mountain Laurel;
  • Amiability - White Jasmine;
  • Anger - Petunia;
  • Animosity (superstition animosity) - Saint John's Wort (Hypericum);
  • Answer (I will not answer hastily) - Honeysuckle (Sent Monthly);
  • Anticipation - Forsythia; Gooseberry;
  • Antidote (my antidote) - White Poppy;
  • Anxiety (Anxious and trembling) - Red Columbine;
  • Anxiety (great) - Red Columbine;
  • Anxiety ( Relieve my anxiety) - Christmas Rose;
  • Anxiety ( Tranquilize my anxiety) - Christmas Rose;
  • Anxious (to please) - Sprig of Ivy with tendrils;
  • Apollo (flower dedicated to) - Hyacinth;
  • Apology - Yellow Rose;
  • Appointed Meeting - Pea;
  • Ardent love - Balsam;
  • Ardor - Arum;
  • Argument (Argument longevity) - Fig (fruit);
  • Art - Acanthus;
  • Art (thou art my life) - Lungwort (Pulmonaria);
  • Artifice - Flytrap; Sweet William;
  • Aspirations (high-souled aspirations) - Scarlet Lily;
  • Aspire (That or thy smile I would aspire to) - Rose (Sent Daily);
  • Assignation - Pimpernel;
  • Astonishment - Dragon's Wort;
  • Attach (I attach myself to you) - Indian Jasmine;
  • Attachment (early) - Blue Periwinkle; Thornless Rose;
  • Attaining (attaining the impossible) - Blue Rose;
  • Attraction (beauty is your only attraction) - Japan Rose;
  • Attraction (you are rich in attractions) - Garden Ranunculus;
  • Austerity - Common Thistle;
  • Audacity - Larch;
  • Away (flee away) - Pennyroyal;
  • Away (Go not away) - Everlasting Pea;
  • Bane (my bane) - White Poppy;
  • Banquet - Parsley;
  • Bashful (shame) - Deep Red Rose;
  • Bashfulness - Peony;
  • Battle (victory in battle) - Nasturtium;
  • Be with (It's heavenly to be with you) - White Lily;
  • Beautiful (call me not beautiful) - Unique Rose;
  • Beautiful (eyes) - Variegated Tulip;
  • Beautiful (lady) - Orchid;
  • Beautiful (You are beautiful) - Full-blown Rose;
  • Beautiful (you'll always be beautiful to me) - Stock;
  • Beauty - Calla Lily; Plum Blossom; Rose;
  • Beauty (always new) - China Rose;
  • Beauty (bury me amid nature's beauty) - Persimmon;
  • Beauty (capricious) - Lady's Slipper; Musk Rose;
  • Beauty (Delicate) - Hibiscus; Venetian Mallow;
  • Beauty (Divine) - Cowslip;
  • Beauty (Feminine) - Cherry Blossom;
  • Beauty (is your only attraction) - Japan Rose
  • Beauty (pensive) - Laburnum;
  • Beauty (Rare) - Hibiscus;
  • Beauty (Refined) - Orchid;
  • Beauty (Rustic)- French Honeysuckle;
  • Beauty (transient) - Night Blooming Cereus;
  • Beauty (unconscious) - Burgundy Rose;
  • Beauty ( Unknown to possessor) - Red Daisy;
  • Beauty (Worth beyond beauty) - Sweet Alyssum;
  • Believe (believe me) - Red Tulip;
  • Beneficence - Marsh Mallow;
  • Benefits (I feel your benefits) - Flax;
  • Best (my best days are past) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Best (my best days gone) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Best (my happiest days are past) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Betrayal (extreme) - Yellow Rose;
  • Betrayed - Judas-Tree;
  • Beware - Begonia; Monkshood; Oleander; Rhododendron;
  • Beyond (Affection beyond the grave) - Locust Tree;
  • Beyond (Worth beyond beauty) - Sweet Alyssum;
  • Bitter (truth) - Nightshade;
  • Blessed (Single Blessedness) - Bachelor Button;
  • Blissful (pleasure) - Sweet Pea;
  • Blushes - Marjoram;
  • Boaster - Hydrangea;
  • Boldness - Larch;
  • Bond (of love) - Honeysuckle;
  • Bond (Secret Bond of Love) - Maidenhair Fern;
  • Bonds (bonds of affection) - Stock;
  • Bravery - French Willow; Oak Leaves or Oak tree;
  • Bravery (in Japan) - Peony;
  • Break (Give Me a Break...I'm Really Sincere.) - Gladiolus:
  • Bridal Favor - Ivy Geranium;
  • Bridal Festivities - Orange Blossoms;
  • Bridal Hope - Peach Blossom;
  • Brilliant (brilliant complexion) - Damask Rose;
  • Broken (heart) - Yellow Rose;
  • Bulk - Bulkiness - Gourd;
  • Burn (I burn) - Fleur-de-lis;
  • Bury Me (bury me amid nature's beauties) - Persimmon;
  • Call (call me not beautiful) - Unique Rose;
  • Calumny - Hellebore;
  • Candor - White Lilac; White Violet;
  • Can't (I can't live without you) - Primrose;
  • Capricious Beauty - Lady's Slipper; Musk Rose;
  • Capriciousness - Purple Carnation;
  • Captive (I am your captive) - Peach Blossom;
  • Care (Take care) - Azalea;
  • Caught (Caught at last) - Venus Flytrap;
  • Caution - Oleander;
  • Celibacy - Bachelor Button;
  • Chagrin - Garden Marigold;
  • Changeable - Purple Carnation;
  • Change (I change but in dying) - Bay Leaf;
  • Change (No change til death) - Bay Leaf;
  • Change Rendezvous - Pimpernel;
  • Charity - Grape; Moss; Turnip;
  • Charming - Musk Rose Cluster;
  • Charms (Deceitful charms) - Thorn Apple; Datura;
  • Charms (I am dazzled by your charms) - Buttercup; Garden Ranunculus;
  • Charms (maidenly) - Lily (Eucharis);
  • Charms (You are radiant with charms) - Buttercup; Garden Ranunculus;
  • Charms (Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled) - Peach;
  • Charms (Your qualities surpass your charms) - Mignonette;
  • Chastity - Lotus; Orange Blossoms;
  • Cheer - Daisy;
  • Cheerfulness - Crocus;
  • Cheerful (Always cheerful) - Coreopsis;
  • Children (Chinese symbol for many children) - Orchid;
  • Chinese (Chinese emblem for mothers) - Day Lily;
  • Chinese (Chinese esymbol for many children) - Orchid;
  • Chinese (Chinese esymbol of womanhood) - Azalea;
  • Chivalry - Daffodil;
  • Claims (you have no claims) - Pasque Flower;
  • Cleanliness - Hyssop;
  • Cold hearted - Lettuce;
  • Color (of my fate) - Coral Honeysuckle;
  • Come (joys to come) - Celandine;
  • Come (wishes will come true) - White Heather;
  • Come down - Jacob's Ladder;
  • Comfort - Pear Tree;
  • Comforting - Scarlet Geranium;
  • Compassion - Allspice; Elderflower;
  • Complete (You've made my life complete) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Complexion (brilliant complexion) - Damask Rose;
  • Compliments (my compliments) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Conceit - Pomegranate Fruit;
  • Confession (of love) - Red Rosebud;
  • Confidence - Fern;
  • Conjugal love - Linden tree or sprig; Lime tree;
  • Conquest - Nasturtium;
  • Constancy - Box; Scarlet Zinnia; Blue Hyacinth;
  • Consolation - White Poppy; Snowdrop;
  • Consumed (by love) - Syrian Mallow;
  • Contract (rupture of a contract) - Straw (Broken);
  • Coquetry - Dandelion; Day Lily;
  • Coquettes (you are the queen of coquettes) - Queen's Rocket;
  • Cordiality - Peppermint;
  • Counterfeit - Mock Orange;
  • Courage - Garlic; Pine Tree;
  • Crime - Tamarisk;
  • Cruelty - Marigold; Nettle;
  • Curiosity - Sycamore;
  • Daily Remembrance - Yellow Zinnia;
  • Daintiness - Aster;
  • Dance (Invitation to dance) - Viscaria;
  • Dance (Your hand for next dance) - Ivy Geranium;
  • Danger - Rhododendron;
  • Dangerous (Excess is dangerous) - Saffron Flower;
  • Dangerous (love is dangerous) - Carolina Rose;
  • Dangerous (pleasures) - Tuberose;
  • Daring - Pine;
  • Dark (thoughts) - Nightshade;
  • Days (My best days gone) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Dazzled (I am dazzled by your charms) - Buttercup; Garden Ranunculus;
  • Deadly (A deadly foe is near) - Monkshood;
  • Death - Black Rose;
  • Death (I change but in dying) - Bay Leaf;
  • Death (No change til death) - Bay Leaf;
  • Death ( I die if neglected) - Laurestine;
  • Death (I shall die tomorrow) - Gum Cistus;
  • Death (You will be my death) - Hemlock;
  • Deceit - Dog's Bane; Flytrap;
  • Deceit (words, though sweet, may deceive) - American Laurel;
  • Deceitful Charms - Thorn Apple; Datura;
  • Deception - Snapdragon;
  • Declare (I declare against you) - Wild Licorice;
  • Declare (I declare war against you) - Tansy;
  • Declaration (of love) - Red Tulip;
  • Decrease (of love) - Yellow Rose;
  • Deep Romantic Love - Red Carnation;
  • Defense - Holly;
  • Dejection - Lichen; Lupine;
  • Delicate (beauty) - Hibiscus; Venetian Mallow;
  • Departure - Sweet Pea;
  • Dependence - Ivy;
  • Desertion - Columbine; Windflower;
  • Deserve (Only deserve my love) - Rose (Campion);
  • Desire - Jonquil; Orange Lily; Light Pink, Orange, or Coral Rose;
  • Devoted Love - Wild Honeysuckle;
  • Devotion - Heliotrope; Lavender; Passion Flower;
  • Devotion (devoted and generous affection) - Honeysuckle;
  • Dexterity - Sweet William;
  • Die (I die if neglected) - Laurestine;
  • Die (I shall die tomorrow) - Gum Cistus;
  • Difficulty - Black Thorn;
  • Difficulties (I surmount all difficulties) - Mistletoe;
  • Dignity - Dahlia; Elm; Laurel-leaved Magnolia;
  • Discretion - Lemon Blossom;
  • Disguise - Thorn-apple;
  • Disposition (accomodating disposition) - Valerian;
  • Disposition (sweet) - Lavatera;
  • Disappointment (You have disappointed me) - Yellow Carnation;
  • Disdain - Yellow Carnation;
  • Distinction - Carnation;
  • Distrust - Apricot Flower; Lavender;
  • Divine (beauty) - Cowslip;
  • Divine (You are my divinity) - Cowslip;
  • Do (do me justice) - Chestnut;
  • Do not (do not abuse me) - Saffron (Crocus);
  • Domestic (economy) - Houseleek;
  • Domestic (happiness) - Honeysuckle (Sent Monthly); Holly;
  • Domestic (virtue) - Sage;
  • Down (come down) - Jacob's Ladder;
  • Doubt - Apricot Flower;
  • Dreaming (of love) - Moonflower;
  • Dreams - White Poppy;
  • Dreams (of fantasy) - Mauve Carnation;
  • Druids (plant of) - Mistletoe; 
  • Drunkenness- Vine;
  • Dying (love) - Yellow Rose;
  • Early (attachment) - Blue Periwinkle; Thornless Rose;
  • Early (friendship) - Blue Periwinkle;
  • Early (youth) - Primrose;
  • Education (A good education) - Cherry Blossom;
  • Economy (domestic) - Houseleek;
  • Ecstasy - Gardenia;
  • Egotism - Narcissus;
  • Elegance - Dahlia; Yellow Jasmine; Locust Tree; Pomegranate Flower;
  • Eloquence - Water Lily; Lotus;
  • Emblem (Flower emblem of Holland) - Tulip;
  • Emblem (of France) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Emblem (of Marriage) - Myrtle;
  • Emblem (for Mothers - Chinese) - Day Lily;
  • Emotion (intense) - Yellow Rose;
  • Emotion (of love) - Purple Lilac;
  • Enchantment - Vervain;
  • Encouragement - Golden Rod;
  • Endurance - Cactus;
  • Endurance (time endurance) - Pine;
  • Energy - Light Pink Rose;
  • Energy (in action) - Chamomile;
  • Energy (in adversity) - Chamomile;
  • Entertainment - Parsley;
  • Esteem - Garden Sage;
  • Estranged love - Lotus Flower;
  • Eternal love - Orange Blossoms;Primrose; White Rose;
  • Eternal sleep - Poppy;
  • Everlasting friendship - Arborvitae;
  • Excellence (Unpretending excellence) - Camellia japonica;
  • Excess (Excess is dangerous) - Saffron Flower;
  • Excitement - Rose (Red and yellow together);
  • Expectation - Zephyr Flower;
  • Expectation (I expect a meeting) - Nutmeg Geranium;
  • Extend - Gourd;
  • Extreme (betrayal) - Yellow Rose;
  • Eyes (beautiful eyes) - Variegated Tulip;
  • Facility - Apple Geranium; Valerian;
  • Faith - Daisy; Iris (Fleur-de-Lis); Pitch pine blossom;
  • Faithfulness - White Carnation; Dandelion; Blue Violet;
  • Faithfulness (in adversity) - Wall Flower;
  • Falsehood - Dog's Bane; Yellow Lily;
  • Fame - Tulip-tree; Tulip; Trumpet Flower;
  • Fame (Fame speaks him great and good) - Apple Blossom;
  • Family (family union) - Pink Verbena;
  • Fantasy (dreams of fantasy) - Mauve Carnation;
  • Farewell - Pine (Spruce); Black Rose;
  • Fascination - Asparagus; Carnation; Fern; Honesty;
  • Fashion - Queen's Rocket;
  • Fate - Flax;
  • Fate (the color of) - Coral Honeysuckle;
  • Favor (bridal favor) - Ivy Geranium;
  • Fecundity - Hollyhock;
  • Feeling (warmth of feeling) - Peppermint;
  • Feelings (I feel your benefits) - Flax;
  • Feelings (I feel your kindness) - Flax;
  • Feelings (I share your feelings) - Garden Daisy;
  • Feelings (warm feelings) - Spearmint;
  • Female Ambition - Hollyhock;
  • Feminine Beauty - Cherry Blossom;
  • Fervor (religious) - Passion Flower;
  • Festivity - Parsley;
  • Festivities (bridal) - Orange Blossoms;
  • Fickleness - Larkspur;
  • Fidelity - China Aster; Honeysuckle; Ivy;
  • Fidelity (in love) - Lemon Blossom;
  • Fidelity (in misfortune) - Wall Flower;
  • Find (if you do love me you will find me out) - Maiden's Blush Rose;
  • Finesse - Sweet William;
  • First (first emotion of love) - Purple Lilac;
  • First (love at first sight) - Gloxinia; Blue Lavender or Violet Rose;
  • Fitness - Sweet Flag;
  • Flame - Fleur-de-lis; German and Yellow Iris;
  • Flame (You're a flame in my heart) - Red Camellia;
  • Flee away - Pennyroyal;
  • Flower Emblem of Holland - Tulip;
  • Flower Dedicated to Apollo - Hyacinth;
  • Flower of the Gladiators - Gladiolus;
  • Foe (A deadly foe is near) - Monkshood;
  • Follow (my regrets follow you to the grave) - Asphodel;
  • Followers (secret symbol of the followers of Oscar Wilde) - Green Carnation;
  • Folly - Columbine; Geranium;
  • Foolishness - Pomegranate Fruit;
  • For thee (I live for thee) - Cedar;
  • For you (I am ambitious only for you) - Fox Glove;
  • For you (longing for you) - Pink Camellia;
  • Forget (I'll never forget you) - Pink Carnation;
  • Forgetful (of the past) - Lotus;
  • Forgetfulness - Moonwort;
  • Formality - Narcissus; 
  • Fornication - Lime Blossom;
  • Forsaken - Anemone; Laburnum; Windflower; Weeping Willow; Common Willow;
  • Forsaken (love forsaken) - Creeping Willow;
  • For me (Pray for me) - White Verbena;
  • For you (longing for you) - Pink Camellia;
  • Fragile - Azalea;
  • France (emblem of) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Freedom - Water Willow;
  • Freeze (Your looks freeze me) - Ice Plant;
  • Freshness - Damask Rose;
  • Friend (in memory of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnias;
  • Friend (thinking of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnias;
  • Friends (thoughts of absent friends) - Zinnias;
  • Friendship - Ivy Leaf; Yellow Rose;
  • Friendship (early) - Blue Periwinkle;
  • Friendship (everlasting) - Arborvitae;
  • Friendship (lasting) - Pear Blossom;
  • Friendship (true) - Oak Leaf Geranium;
  • Friendship (your friendship means so much to me) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Frigidness - Hydrangea;
  • Frown (thy frown will kill me) - Currants;
  • Frugality - Fuchsia;
  • Fruitfulness - Hollyhock; Orange Blossoms;
  • Gaiety - Yellow Lily;
  • Gallantry - Sweet William;
  • Games - Hyacinth; 
  • Gay Life - Peony;
  • Generous (and devoted affection) - Honeysuckle;
  • Generosity - Orange Tree; Peach Blossom;
  • Genius - Plum Tree;
  • Gentility - Pompom Rose;
  • Giddiness - Almond Tree;
  • Gift to a man - Camellia;
  • Girl (young) - Red Rosebud;
  • Give me a break (Give me a break - I'm really sincere) - Gladiolus;
  • Gladiators (flower of) - Gladiolus;
  • Gladness - Myrrh;
  • Glory - Bay Wreath; Mountain Laurel;
  • Glory (Vain-glory) - Hydrangea;
  • Go (let me go) - Butterfly Weed;
  • Go (Wilt thou go with me?) - Everlasting Pea;
  • Go not away - Everlasting Pea;
  • Gone (My best days gone) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Good - Mallow;
  • Good-bye - Sweet Pea;
  • Good Luck - Camellia; Mugwort;
  • Good Nature - Mullein;
  • Good News - Guelder Rose (Snowball-tree);
  • Good Wishes - Sweet Basil;
  • Goodness - White Zinnia; Snowball;
  • Grace - Yellow Jasmine; Pink Rose; Multiflora Rose; China Rose;
  • Grace (winning grace) - Elm; Cowslip;
  • Graces (pride the graces) - Hundred Leaf Rose;
  • Gracious (gracious lady) - Snapdragon;
  • Gratitude - Campanula; Canterbury Bells; Dark Pink Rose;
  • Grave (Affection beyond the grave) - Locust Tree;
  • Grave (my regrets follow you to the grave) - Asphodel;
  • Grief - Aloe; Harebell; Garden Marigold;
  • Growing old - Meadow Saffron;
  • Hand (Your hand for the next dance) - Ivy Geranium;
  • Happiness - Dandelion; Mugwort; Rose (Red and yellow together);
  • Happiness (domestic) - Honeysuckle (Sent Monthly); Holly;
  • Happiness (my happiest days are past) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Happiness (return of happiness) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Happiness (rural) - Tulip-tree;
  • Happy (love) - Bridal Rose;
  • Happy (Marriage) - Peony;
  • Haste (I will not answer hastily) - Honeysuckle (Sent Monthly);
  • Haste (make haste) - Dianthus;
  • Hatred - Orange Lily; Black Rose;
  • Haughtiness - Purple Larkspur;
  • Have (you have no claims) - Pasque Flower;
  • Heal (a wound to heal) - Sweet Briar Rose;
  • Health - Iceland Moss;
  • Heart (broken) - Yellow Rose;
  • Heart (cold-hearted) - Lettuce;
  • Heart (Light heartedness) - Shamrock;
  • Heart (my heart is thine) - Peach Blossom;
  • Heart (pure of) - Baby's Breath;
  • Heart (purity of heart) - Water Lily;
  • Heart (sleep of the heart) - White Poppy;
  • Hearts (our hearts are united) - Phlox;
  • Heart's ease - Purple Pansy;
  • Heartlessness - Hydrangea;
  • Heaven (thoughts of heaven) - Snowball;
  • Heavenly (It's heavenly to be with you - White Lily;
  • Hebrew (emblem of marriage) - Myrtle;
  • Heedlessness - Almond Tree;
  • Hero (Ambition of a hero) - Mountain Laurel;
  • High-bred - Scarlet Lily
  • High-souled aspirations - Scarlet Lily;
  • Hilarity - Larkspur;
  • Holland (Flower emblem of Holland) - Tulip;
  • Honesty - Honesty (Lunaria);
  • Honor (in China) - Peony;
  • Hope - Flowering Almond; Hawthorn; Iris (Fleur-de-Lis); Star of Bethlehem; Snowdrop;
  • Hope (bridal hope) - Peach Blossom;
  • Hope (hope in adversity) - Pine (Spruce);
  • Hope (Hope in misery) - Milkweed;
  • Hopeless (hopeless love) - Yellow Tulip;
  • Hopelessness - Love lies bleeding;
  • Horror - Dragon's Wort; Mandrake;
  • Hospitality - Oak Sprig or Oak tree;
  • Humanity - French Willow; Oak Leaves;
  • Humble love - Fuchsia;
  • Humility - Bluebell; Broom; Field Lilac; Lily of the Valley; White Rose;
  • I adore (you) - Heliotrope;
  • I am (ambitious only for you) - Fox Glove;
  • I am (dazzled by your charms) - Buttercup; Garden Ranunculus;
  • I am (your captive) - Peach Blossom;
  • I am (really sincere) - Gladiolus;
  • I am (sorry) - Purple Hyacinth;
  • I am (walking on air) - Yellow Lily;
  • I am (worthy of you) - White Rose;
  • I attach (myself to you) - Indian Jasmine;
  • I can't (be with you) - Striped Carnation;
  • I can't (live without you) - Primrose;
  • I change (but in dying) - Bay Leaf;
  • I declare (against you) - Wild Licorice;
  • I declare (war against you) - Tansy;
  • I expect (a meeting) - Nutmeg Geranium;
  • I feel (your kindness) - Flax;
  • I live (for thee) - Cedar;
  • I love - Red Chrysanthemum;
  • I love (you're the only one I love) - Arbutus;
  • I love you - Red Rose;
  • I never trouble - Rose Leaf;
  • I offer (you my all) - Shepherd's Purse;
  • I partake (your sentiments) - Garden Daisy;
  • I prefer you - Rose Geranium;
  • I promise - White Clover;
  • I shall (die tomorrow) - Gum Cistus;
  • I think ( of thee) - Everlasting (Graphalium);
  • I watch (over you) - Mountain Ash;
  • I weep (for you) - Purple Verbena;
  • I will (not survive you) - Black Mulberry;
  • I will (pray for you) - White Hyacinth;
  • I will (think of it) - Wild Daisy;
  • I will (think of you) - China Aster;
  • If (if you do love me you will find me out) - Maiden's Blush Rose;
  • If (you're not older and wiser) - Delphinium;
  • Imagination - Lupine; Poppy;
  • Immortal love - Globe Amaranth;
  • Immortality (symbol of) - Acorn;
  • Impatience - Balsamine;
  • Impossible (attaining the impossible) - Blue Rose;
  • Impression (transient impression) - White withered Rose;
  • In all (love in all seasons) - Gorse;
  • Inconstancy - Evening Primrose;
  • India (sacred plant of) - Mistletoe;
  • Independence - White Oak; Wild Plum;
  • Indifference - Candy Tuft;
  • Indiscretion - Common Almond;
  • Industry - Bumblebee Orchid; Red Clover;
  • Infidelity - Yellow Rose;
  • Ingenuity - Pencilled Geranium;
  • Ingratitude - Wild Ranunculus;
  • Innocence - Daisy; White Carnation; Baby's Breath; Orange Blossoms; White Daisy; White Rose; White Violet;
  • Innocence (youthful) - White Lilac;
  • Insincerity - Fox Glove;
  • Intellect - Walnut;
  • Intemperance - Grape; Grape Vine;
  • Intense (emotion) - Yellow Rose;
  • Intercourse (social intercourse) - Balm;
  • Intoxicating - Vine;
  • Intoxication - Vine;
  • Invitation (Invitation to dance) - Viscaria;
  • It's heavenly (to be with you) - White Lily;
  • Jealousy - Marigold; Yellow Hyacinth; Yellow Rose;
  • Joy - Rose (Red and Yellow together);
  • Joy (joys to come) - Celandine;
  • Joy (of life) - Light Pink Rose;
  • Joy (transient joy) - Cape Jasmine;
  • Joy (transport of joy) - Cape Jasmine;
  • Justice (do me justice) - Chestnut;
  • Keep (your promises) - Plum Tree;
  • Kind - Mallow;
  • Kindness (I feel your kindness) - Flax;
  • Kiss me - Mistletoe;
  • Lady (beautiful lady) - Orchid;
  • Lady (gracious lady) - Snapdragon;
  • Lady (Lady, deign to smile) - Oak Geranium;
  • Lamentation - Aspen Tree;
  • Last (Caught at last) - Venus Flytrap;
  • Lasting (affection) - Magenta Zinnia;
  • Lasting (friendship) - Pear Blossom;
  • Lasting (pleasure) - Everlasting Pea; Parsley;
  • Let me go - Butterfly Weed;
  • Levity - Larkspur;
  • Liberty - Live Oak;
  • Life (gay) - Peony;
  • Life (joy of ) - Light Pink Rose;
  • Life (long life) - Peach Blossom
  • Life (Nordic Symbol of ) - Acorn;
  • Life (Thou art my life) - Lungwort (Pulmonaria);
  • Life (transience of life) - Cherry Blossom;
  • Life (you've made my life complete) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Light heartedness - Shamrock;
  • Lightness - Larkspur;
  • Live (I can't live without you) - Primrose;
  • Live (I live for thee) - Cedar;
  • Lofty (pure and lofty thoughts) - Sunflower;
  • Long life - Peach Blossom;
  • Long lived - Fig fruit;
  • Longevity - Plum Blossom;
  • Longevity (argument) - Fig fruit;
  • Longing (for you) - Pink Camellia;
  • Looks (your looks freeze me) - Ice Plant;
  • Love - Carnation; Myrtle; Orchid; Rose; Blue Violet;
  • Love (ambassador of) - Cabbage Rose;
  • Love (at first sight) - Gloxinia; Blue Lavender or Violet Rose;
  • Love (bond of love) - Honeysuckle;
  • Love (confession of love) - Red Rosebud;
  • Love (conjugal) - Linden Tree or sprig; Lime Tree;
  • Love (consumed by love) - Syrian Mallow;
  • Love (declaration of love) - Red Tulip;
  • Love (decrease of love) - Yellow Rose;
  • Love (deep romantic) - Red Carnation;
  • Love (devoted) - Wild Honeysuckle;
  • Love (dreaming of) - Moonflower;
  • Love (dying love) - Yellow Rose;
  • Love (estranged love) - Lotus Flower;
  • Love (eternal) - Orange Blossoms; Primrose; White Rose;
  • Love (fidelity in love) - Lemon Blossom;
  • Love (first emotion of love) - Purple Lilac;
  • Love (forsaken) - Creeping Willow;
  • Love (happy) - Bridal Rose;
  • Love (hopeless) - Yellow Tulip;
  • Love (humble) - Fuchsia;
  • Love (I love) - Red Chrysanthemum;
  • Love (I love you) - Red Rose;
  • Love (if you do love me you will find me out) - Maiden's Blush Rose;
  • Love (immortal love) - Globe Amaranth;
  • Love (in absence) - Myrtle;
  • Love (in all seasons) - Gorse;
  • Love (in vain) - Morning glory;
  • Love (is dangerous) - Carolina Rose;
  • Love (loyal) - Daisy;
  • Love (maternal) - Moss;
  • Love (modest) - Blue Violet;
  • Love (mother's) - Pink Carnation;
  • Love (of nature) - Magnolia;
  • Love (of variety) - China Aster;
  • Love (Only deserve my love) - Rose (Campion);
  • Love (pure) - White Carnation;
  • Love (rejected) - Bouquet of withered flowers;
  • Love (secret) - Gardenia; Acacia;
  • Love (secret bond of love) - Maidenhair Fern;
  • Love (self-love) - Narcissus;
  • Love (silent) - Primrose;
  • Love (slighted) - Yellow Chrysanthemum;
  • Love (symbol of love) - Aster;
  • Love (talisman of love) - Aster;
  • Love (The ambition of my love thus plagues itself) - Fuchsia;
  • Love (that is not forgotten) - Delphinium;
  • Love (true love) - Forget-me-not;
  • Love (unfading) - Anemone;
  • Love (unrequited love) - Daffodil;
  • Love (voluptuous) - Moss Rose;
  • Love (wedded) - Ivy;
  • Love (woman's) - Pink Carnation;
  • Love (You're the only one I love ) - Arbutus;
  • Love (your love is reciprocated) - Ambrosia;
  • Loveliness - White Hyacinth; Mignonette;
  • Loveliness (perfect) - Juniper; 
  • Loveliness (your purity equals your loveliness) - Orange Blossoms;
  • Lovely - White Carnation;
  • Lovely (always lovely) - Tea Rose;
  • Lovely (Thank you for a lovely time) - Sweet Pea;
  • Lovely (Thou art all that is lovely) - Austrian Rose;
  • Lovely (very lovely) - Austrian Rose;
  • Lovely (You're lovely) - Gardenia;
  • Lover (perfect) - Tulip;
  • Loyal (love) - Daisy;
  • Luck - Bells of Ireland;
  • Luck (good luck) - Camellia; Mugwort;
  • Lust - Coriander;
  • Made - (You've made my life complete) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Magic - Fern;
  • Magic (spell) - Witch-hazel;
  • Magic plant of the Druids - Mistletoe;
  • Maidenly (charms) - Lily (Eucharis);
  • Majesty - White Lily; Imperial Lily;
  • Malevolence - Lobelia;
  • Man (A gift to a man) - Camellia;
  • Many Children (Chinese symbol for) - Orchid;
  • Marriage - Lime Tree; Linden Tree or Linden leaf; Ivy Vine; Orange Blossoms;
  • Marriage (happy) - Peony;
  • Marriage (Hebrew emblem of) - Myrtle;
  • Mary (tears of the Virgin Mary) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Masculinity - Peony;
  • Maternal (love) - Moss;
  • Matrimony - Linden Leaf;
  • Mature (elegance) - Pomegranate Flower;
  • Me (a magic spell is on me) - Witch-hazel;
  • Me (believe me) - Red Tulip;
  • Me (call me not beautiful) - Unique Rose;
  • Me (do not abuse me) - Saffron (Crocus);
  • Me (if you do love me you will find me out) - Maiden's Blush Rose;
  • Me (let me go) - Butterfly Weed;
  • Me (Pray for me) - White Verbena;
  • Me (think of me) - Pansy; Cedar;
  • Me (wilt thou go with me?) - Everlasting Pea;
  • Me (win me and wear me) - Lady's Slipper;
  • Me (you'll always be beautiful to me) - Stock;
  • Me (you please me) - Currants;
  • Me (your friendship means so much to me) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Me (your looks freeze me) - Ice Plant;
  • Me (your presence revives me) - Rosemary;
  • Me (your presence soothes me) - Petunia;
  • Meaning (Your friendship means so much to me) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Meeting (an appointed meeting) - Pea;.
  • Meeting (I expect a meeting ) - Nutmeg Geranium;
  • Meeting (unexpected) - Lemon Geranium;
  • Melancholy - Autumn Leaves; Dark Geranium; Weeping Willow;
  • Melancholy (A melancholy mind) - Oak Geranium;
  • Memories - White Lilac;
  • Memories (sweet) - White Periwinkle;
  • Memory (in memory of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnias;
  • Memory (pleasures of memory) - White Periwinkle;
  • Merit (superior) - Moss Rose;
  • Message (A message for thee) - Common Garden Iris;
  • Messengers - Winged seeds (any kind);
  • Mildness - Mallow; Privet;
  • Mind (A melancholy mind) - Oak Geranium;
  • Mind (vulgar minds) - African Marigold;
  • Mirth - Myrrh; Saffron (Crocus);
  • Misanthropy - Aconite; Teasel; Fuller's Thistle;
  • Misery (hope in misery) - Milkweed;
  • Misfortune (fidelity in misfortune) - Wall Flower;
  • Modest (love) - Blue Violet;
  • Modest (Worth) - Primrose; Yellow Violet;
  • Modesty - Lily; Sweet Violet; White or Blue Violet;
  • Mothers (Chinese emblem for) - Day Lily;
  • Mother's Love - Pink Carnation;
  • Mourn (I mourn your absence) - Zinnias;
  • Mourning - Weeping Willow;
  • Much (your friendship means so much to me) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Music - Oats;
  • Music (the witching soul of music) - Oats;
  • My All (I offer you my all) - Shepherd's Purse;
  • My Antidote - White Poppy;
  • My Anxiety (Relieve my anxiety) - Christmas Rose;
  • My Anxiety ( Tranquilize my anxiety) - Christmas Rose;
  • My Bane - White Poppy;
  • My Best (my best days gone) - Meadow Saffron;
  • My Best (my best days are past) - Meadow Saffron;
  • My Compliments - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • My Happiest (my happiest days are past) - Meadow Saffron;
  • My heart (is thine) - Peach Blossom;
  • My Life (Thou art my life) - Lungwort (Pulmonaria);
  • My life (you've made my life complete - Lily of the Valley;
  • My Love (Only deserve my love) - Rose (Campion);
  • My Love (The ambition of my love thus plagues itself) - Fuchsia;
  • My Thoughts (you occupy my thoughts) - Pansy; Purple Violet;
  • Myself (I attach myself to you) - Indian Jasmine;
  • Mystery - Blue Rose;
  • Nature (bury me amid nature's beauties) - Persimmon;
  • Nature (good nature) - Mullein;
  • Nature (love of nature) - Magnolia;
  • Near (A deadly foe is near) - Monkshood;
  • Neglected (I die if neglected) - Laurestine;
  • Never - Snapdragon;
  • Never (I never trouble) - Rose Leaf;
  • New (beauty always new) - China Rose;
  • News (good news) - Guelder Rose (Snowball-tree);
  • No - Striped Carnation; Snapdragon;
  • No (no change till death) - Bay Leaf;
  • No (you have no claims) - Pasque Flower;
  • Nobility - Magnolia; Common Thistle;
  • Nordic symbol of life - Acorn;
  • Not (call me not beautiful) - Unique Rose;
  • Not (go not away) - Everlasting Pea;
  • Not (I will not survive you) - Black Mulberry;
  • Not (not older and wiser) - Delphinium;
  • Not forgotten (pure love that is not forgotten) - Delphinium;
  • Oblivion - Poppy;
  • Obstacles (to be overcome) - Mistletoe;
  • Occupation - Fox Glove;
  • Occupy (you occupy my thoughts) - Pansy; Purple Violet;
  • Offer (I offer you my all) - Shepherd's Purse;
  • Old (growing old) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Older (and wiser) - Delphinium;
  • Omen - Small Cape Marigold;
  • One (You're the only one I love) - Arbutus;
  • Only (beauty is your only attraction) - Japan Rose;
  • Only (I am ambitious only for you) - Fox Glove;
  • Only (Only deserve my love) - Rose (Campion);
  • Only (You're the only one I love) - Arbutus;
  • Oracle (rustic) - Dandelion;
  • Oscar Wilde (secret symbol of the followers of) - Green Carnation;
  • Our Hearts (are united) - Phlox;
  • Our Souls (are united) - Phlox;
  • Over (I watch over you) - Mountain Ash; 
  • Overcome (obstacles to be overcome) - Mistletoe;
  • Pain - Marigold;
  • Pain (pleasure and pain) - Dog Rose;
  • Partake (I partake your sentiments) - Garden Daisy;
  • Pastoral Poetry - Amaryllis;
  • Passion - Orange Lily; Red Carnation; Azalea; Light pink, coral or orange rose;
  • Past (forgetful of the past) - Lotus;
  • Past (my best days are past) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Past (my happiest days are past) - Meadow Saffron;
  • Patience - Ox-Eye Daisy;
  • Patriotism - Nasturtium;
  • Peace - White Poppy; Olive; Cattail;
  • Peerless - Magnolia (Grandiflora);
  • Pensive (beauty) - Laburnum;
  • Perfect (loveliness) - Juniper;
  • Perfect (lover) - Tulip;
  • Perfect (you are perfect) - Pineapple;
  • Perfection - Camellia;
  • Perfidy - Common Laurel in flower;
  • Perplexity - Love in a Mist;
  • Persecution - Fritilaria (Guinea-hen Flower);
  • Perseverance - Swamp Magnolia; Ground Laurel;
  • Philosophy - Pitch pine blossom;
  • Piety (steadfast) - Wild Geranium;
  • Pity - Pine;
  • Plague (The ambition of my love thus plagues itself) - Fuchsia;
  • Plant (sacred plant of India) - Mistletoe;
  • Plant of the Druids - Mistletoe;
  • Play - Red or Pink Hyacinth;
  • Pleasant (recollections) - White Periwinkle;
  • Please (anxious to please) - Sprig of Ivy with tendrils;
  • Please (please forgive me) - Purple Hyacinth;
  • Please (you please all) - Branch of Currants;
  • Please (you please me) - Currants;
  • Pleasure - Red Poppy;
  • Pleasure (and pain) - Dog Rose;
  • Pleasure (blissful) - Sweet Pea;
  • Pleasures (dangerous pleasures) - Tuberose;
  • Pleasures (lasting pleasures) - Parsley; Everlasting Pea;
  • Pleasures (of memory) -White Periwinkle;
  • Poetry (pastoral) - Amaryllis;
  • Poverty - Evergreen (trailing woodland plants that stay green all year);
  • Pray (I'll pray for you) - White Hyacinth;
  • Pray (Pray for me) - White Verbena;
  • Precaution - Golden Rod;
  • Prediction - Marigold;
  • Prefer (I prefer you) - Rose Geranium;
  • Preference - Rose Geranium; Apple Blossom;
  • Preference (present preference) - Apple Geranium;
  • Presence (your presence revives me) - Rosemary;
  • Presence (your presence soothes me) - Petunia;
  • Present (Preference) - Apple Geranium;
  • Presumption - Snapdragon;
  • Pretension - Loosestrife; Willow (Herb);
  • Pretension (without) - Cinnamon Rose;
  • Pride - Tiger Lily; Amaryllis;
  • Pride (pride the graces) - Hundred Leaf Rose;
  • Privation - Indian Plum;
  • Profit - Cabbage;
  • Prohibition - Privet;
  • Prolific - Fig Tree;
  • Promise - Flowering Almond;
  • Promise (I promise) - White Clover;
  • Promises (keep your promises) - Plum Tree;
  • Promptness - Stock;
  • Prophet (you are a prophet) - Saint John's Wort (Hypericum);
  • Prophetic prediction - Marigold;
  • Prosperity - Peony; Cattail; Wheat;
  • Protection - Juniper; White Heather;
  • Proud - Magnolia (Grandiflora);
  • Prudence - Mountain Ash; Lemon Blossom;
  • Pure (pure and lofty thoughts) - Sunflower;
  • Pure (pure of heart) - Baby's Breath;
  • Pure love - White Carnation;
  • Pure love (that is not forgotten) - Delphinium;
  • Purity - White Rose; White Violet;
  • Purity (of heart) - Water Lily;
  • Purity ( your purity equals your loveliness) - Orange Blossoms; Lily; White Lily; Lotus; Daisy;
  • Puzzle (you puzzle me) - Love in a Mist;
  • Qualities (Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled) - Peach;
  • Qualities (your qualities surpass your charms) - Mignonette;
  • Quarrel - Straw (Broken);
  • Queen (you are the queen of coquettes) - Queen's Rocket;
  • Radiant (you are radiant with charms) - Buttercup; Garden Ranunculus;
  • Rapture - Greek Valerian;
  • Rare (beauty) - Hibiscus;
  • Rarity - Mandrake;
  • Rashness - Hyacinth;
  • Readiness - Red Valerian;
  • Really (I am really sincere) - Gladiolus;
  • Rebirth - Black Rose;
  • Recall - Silver leaf Geranium;
  • Recantation - Lotus Leaf;
  • Reciprocated (your love is reciprocated) - Ambrosia;
  • Recollections (pleasant) - White Periwinkle;
  • Reconciliation - Hazel; Filbert;
  • Refined beauty - Orchid;
  • Refinement - Orchid;
  • Refusal - Striped Carnation;
  • Regret - Rue; Purple Verbena;
  • Regrets (my regrets follow you to the grave) - Asphodel;
  • Rejected (love) - Bouquet of withered flowers;
  • Rejection - Yellow Carnation;
  • Rejuvenation - Black Rose;
  • Relieve (relieve my anxiety) - Christmas Rose;
  • Religious fervor - Passion Flower;
  • Remembered (always) - Everlasting (Graphalium);
  • Remembrance - Rosemary;
  • Remembrance (daily) - Yellow Zinnia;
  • Remorse - Raspberry;
  • Rendezvous (change rendezvous) - Pimpernel;
  • Resentment - Petunia;
  • Reserve - Maple;
  • Resignation - Cyclamen; Indian Cress (Nasturtium);
  • Resolved (resolved to win) - Purple Columbine;
  • Respect - Daffodil;
  • Retaliation - Scotch Thistle;
  • Retirement - Harebell;
  • Return (affection returned) - Jonquil;
  • Return (return of happiness) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Return (return my affection) - Jonquil;
  • Revenge - Bird's-foot Trefoil;
  • Reverence - White Rose;
  • Reverie - Flowering Fern;
  • Revive (your presence revives me) - Rosemary;
  • Reward (of Virtue) - Garland or wreath of roses;
  • Rich (you are rich in attractions) - Garden Ranunculus;
  • Riches - Buttercup; Maize; Wheat;
  • Rigor - Lantana;
  • Romantic (deep romantic love) - Red Carnation;
  • Rupture - Greek Valerian;
  • Rupture (of a contract) - Straw (Broken);
  • Rural (happiness) - Tulip-tree;
  • Rustic (beauty) - French Honeysuckle;
  • Rustic (oracle) - Dandelion;
  • Sacred (affection) - Garden Marigold;
  • Sacred (Sacred plant of India) - Mistletoe;
  • Sacred (Sacred to Venus) - Garden Marigold;
  • Sadness - Dead Leaves;
  • Satire - Prickly Pear;
  • Scandal - Hellebore;
  • Seasons (love in all seasons) - Gorse;
  • Secret (secret bond of love) - Maidenhair Fern;
  • Secret (secret love) - Gardenia; Acacia;
  • Secrecy - White Rose; Rose (Full-blown, placed over two Buds);
  • Self (self-love) - Narcissus;
  • Sensibility - Sensitive Plant; Verbena;
  • Sensitiveness - Mimosa; Verbena;
  • Sensuality - Spanish Jasmine;
  • Sentiment (warmth of sentiment) - Spearmint;
  • Sentiments (I partake your sentiments) - Garden Daisy;
  • Separation - Trumpet Flower; Carolina Jasmine;
  • Severity - Thorn or Branch of thorns;
  • Shame - Peony;
  • Shame (bashful shame) - Deep Red Rose;
  • Shelter - Fern;
  • Sickness - Anemone;
  • Sighing - Aspen Tree;
  • Sight (love at first sight) - Gloxinia; Blue Lavender or Violet Rose;
  • Sign - Small Cape Marigold;
  • Silence - White Rose;
  • Silence (Silence, I am worthy of you) - White Rose; Belladonna;
  • Silent (love) - Primrose;
  • Silliness - Scarlet Geranium;
  • Simplicity - Rose (Single); Wild Rose; Sweetbrier; Daisy;
  • Sincere (I'm really sincere) - Gladiolus;
  • Sincerity - Honesty (Lunaria); Garden Chervil;
  • Single (single blessedness) - Bachelor Button;
  • Slander - Nettle;
  • Sleep (Eternal sleep) - Poppy;
  • Sleep (sleep of the heart) - White Poppy;
  • Slighted (slighted love) - Yellow Chrysanthemum;
  • Smile (Lady, deign to smile) - Oak Geranium;
  • Smile (That or thy smile I would aspire to) - Rose (Sent Daily);
  • Smile (There's sunshine in your smile) - Yellow Tulip;
  • Smile - (Will you smile?) - Sweet William;
  • Social (social intercourse) - Balm;
  • Solace (solace in adversity) - Evergreen Thorn;
  • Solitude - Lavender Heather; Heath; Lichen;
  • Soothes (your presence soothes me) - Petunia;
  • Sorcery - Enchanter's Nightshade; Nightshade;
  • Sorrow - Purple Hyacinth;
  • Sorry (I am sorry) - Purple Hyacinth;
  • Sorry (Sorry I can't be with you) - Striped Carnation;
  • Soul (the witching soul of music) - Oats;
  • Souls (our souls are united) - Phlox;
  • Spell - Witch-hazel;
  • Spell (a magic spell) - Witch-hazel;
  • Spell (a magic spell is on me) - Witch-hazel;
  • Spirit (spirit vision) - Honeysuckle;
  • Sports - Hyacinth;
  • Stay (stay as sweet as you are) - Narcissus;
  • Steadfast (steadfast piety) - Wild Geranium;
  • Sternness - Common Thistle;
  • Stratagem - Walnut;
  • Strength - Garlic; Fennel; Cedar;
  • Stupidity - Common Almond; Almond tree; Geranium; Nuts;
  • Submission - Harebell; Grass;
  • Success - Yellow Poppy; Palm Leaves;
  • Suffering - Indian Plum;
  • Sunshine (There's sunshine in your smile) - Yellow Tulip;
  • Superior (merit) - Moss Rose;
  • Superstition (superstition animosity) - Saint John's Wort (Hypericum);
  • Surmount (I surmount all difficulties) - Mistletoe;
  • Surmount (I surmount everything) - Mistletoe;
  • Survive (I will not survive you) - Black Mulberry;
  • Suspicion - Mint;
  • Sweet (disposition) - Lavatera;
  • Sweet (memories) - White Periwinkle;
  • Sweet (pure love) - White Carnation;
  • Sweet (stay as sweet as you are) - Narcissus;
  • Sweet (voice) - Tuberose;
  • Sweet (words, though sweet, may deceive) - American Laurel;
  • Sweetness - White Lily; Mallow; Lily of the Valley;
  • Succour - Juniper;
  • Symbol (Chinese Symbol for Many Children) - Orchid;
  • Symbol (Nordic Symbol of Life ) - Acorn;
  • Symbol (of love) - Aster;
  • Sympathy - Sweetbriar Rose; Balm;
  • Take care - Azalea;
  • Talisman (talisman of love) - Aster;
  • Taste - Scarlet Fuchsia;
  • Tears - Elecampane;
  • Tears (tears of the Virgin Mary) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Temperance - Azalea;
  • Temptation - Quince;
  • Thankfulness - Agrimony;
  • Thank you (Thank you for a lovely time) - Sweet Pea;
  • Thank you (Thank you for understanding) - Hydrangea;
  • Thee (a message for thee) - Common Garden Iris;
  • Thee (I live for thee) - Cedar;
  • Thee (I think of thee) - Everlasting (Graphalium);
  • Thine (my heart is thine) - Peach Blossom;
  • Think (think of me) - Yellow Pansy; Pansy; Cedar;
  • Think (I think of thee) - Everlasting (Graphalium);
  • Think (think of it) - Wild Daisy;
  • Think (I will think of you) - China Aster;
  • Thinking (thinking of an absent friend) - Mixed Zinnia;
  • Thinking (thinking of you) - Bellflower;
  • Thou (Thou art all that is lovely) - Austrian Rose;
  • Thou (Thou art my life) - Lungwort (Pulmonaria);
  • Thou (wilt thou go with me?) - Everlasting Pea;
  • Thought - Yellow Pansy;
  • Thoughtlessness - Almond Tree;
  • Thoughts - Pansy;
  • Thoughts (dark) - Nightshade;
  • Thoughts (of heaven) - Snowball;
  • Thoughts (pure and lofty thoughts) - Sunflower;
  • Thoughts (thoughts of absent friends) - Zinnias;
  • Thoughts (you occupy my thoughts) - Pansy; Purple Violet;
  • Thriftiness - Thyme;
  • Thy (That or thy smile I would aspire to) - Rose (Sent Daily);
  • Ties - Tendrils of Climbing Plants;
  • Time - Fir; Pitch pine blossom;
  • Time (time endurance) - Pine;
  • Time (Thank you for a lovely time) - Sweet Pea;
  • Timidity - Marvel of Peru (Four o'clock);
  • Token (a token) - Ox-Eye Daisy; Laurestine;
  • Tomorrow (I shall die tomorrow) - Gum Cistus;
  • Tranquilize ( Tranquilize my anxiety) - Christmas Rose;
  • Transience (transience of life) - Cherry Blossom;
  • Transient (beauty) - Night Blooming Cereus;
  • Transient (transient impression) - White withered Rose;
  • Transport - Gardenia;
  • Trophy (warlike trophy) - Indian Cress (Nasturtium);
  • Trouble - Marigold;
  • Trouble (I never trouble) - Rose Leaf;
  • True (wishes will come true) - White Heather;
  • Trustworthy - Lily of the Valley;
  • Truth - Bittersweet;
  • Truth (bitter truth) - Nightshade;
  • Unanimity - Phlox;
  • Unbelief - Judas-Tree;
  • Uncertainty - Daffodil; Mock Orange (Syringia);
  • Uneasiness - Garden Marigold;
  • Unequalled (Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled) - Peach;
  • Unconscious (beauty) - Burgundy Rose;
  • Understanding (Thank you for understanding) - Hydrangea;
  • Unexpected (meeting) - Lemon Geranium;
  • Unfading (unfading love) - Anemone;
  • Union (family union) - Pink Verbena;
  • United - Straw;
  • United (our hearts are united) - Phlox;
  • United (our souls are united) - Phlox;
  • Unity - Rose (White and Red together);
  • Unpretending (unpretending excellence) - Camellia japonica;
  • Unpretentious - Pasque Flower;
  • Unreliability - Purple Carnation;
  • Unrequited (love) - Daffodil;
  • Usefulness - Meadow Sweet;
  • Uselessness - Queen of the Meadow; Meadow Sweet;
  • Vain (love in vain) - Morning glory;
  • Vain-glory - Hydrangea;
  • Valor - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Variety - Rose (Mundi); China Aster;
  • Variety (love of variety) - China Aster;
  • Venus (sacred to Venus) - Garden Marigold;
  • Very (very lovely) - Austrian Rose;
  • Victory - Palm Leaves;
  • Victory (in battle) - Nasturtium; Mountain Laurel;
  • Virgin Mary (tears of the Virgin Mary) - Lily of the Valley;
  • Virginity - White Lily;
  • Virtue - White Rose;
  • Virtue (domestic virtue) - Sage;
  • Virtue (Reward of Virtue) - Garland or wreath of roses;
  • Vision (spirit vision) - Honeysuckle;
  • Voice (sweet) - Tuberose;
  • Voluptuous (voluptuous love) - Moss Rose;
  • Voluptuousness - Moss Rose; Tuberose;
  • Voraciousness - Lupine;
  • Vulgar (minds) - African Marigold;
  • Walking (I am walking on air) - Yellow Lily;
  • War - York and Lancaster Roses;
  • War (I declare war against you) - Tansy;
  • Warfare - York Rose;
  • Warlike Trophy - Indian Cress (Nasturtium);
  • Warm (feelings) - Spearmint;
  • Warmth (warmth of feeling) - Peppermint;
  • Warmth (warmth of sentiment) - Spearmint;
  • Warning - Hand Flower Tree;
  • Watch (I watch over you) - Mountain Ash;
  • Wealth - Tiger Lily; Wheat; Yellow Poppy;
  • Wear (win me and wear me) - Lady's Slipper;
  • Weep (I weep for you) - Purple Verbena;
  • Welcome - Mayflower;
  • Whimsical - Purple Carnation;
  • Wilde (secret symbol of the followers of Oscar Wilde) - Green Carnation;
  • Will (I will think of you) - China Aster;
  • Will (Will you smile?) - Sweet William;
  • Will (wishes will come true) - White Heather;
  • Wilt (wilt thou go with me?) - Everlasting Pea;
  • Win (win me and wear me) - Lady's Slipper;
  • Win (resolved to win) - Purple Columbine;
  • Winning (winning grace) - Elm; Cowslip;
  • Winter - Guelder Rose;
  • Wisdom - White Mulberry; Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Wiser (pure love that is not forgotten if you're not older and wiser) - Delphinium;
  • Wish (a wish) - Fox Glove;
  • Wishes (good) - Sweet Basil;
  • Wishes (wishes will come true) - White Heather;
  • Witching (the witching soul of music) - Oats;
  • Wistfulness - White Rose;
  • Witchcraft - Enchanter's Nightshade;
  • With (It's heavenly to be with you) - White Lily;
  • With (Sorry I can't be with you) - Striped Carnation;
  • With (wilt thou go with me?) - Everlasting Pea;
  • Without (I can't live without you) - Primrose;
  • Without (pretension) - Cinnamon Rose;
  • Woman (a woman's love) - Pink Carnation;
  • Words (words, though sweet, may deceive) - American Laurel;
  • Worth - Mignonette; Evergreen (trailing woodland plants that stay green all year);
  • Worth (modest) - Primrose; Yellow Violet;
  • Worth (Worth beyond beauty) - Sweet Alyssum;
  • Worthy (I am worthy of you) - White Rose;
  • Wound (a wound to heal) - Eglantine (Sweet Briar Rose);
  • Yes - Carnation (solid color);
  • You (I adore you) - Heliotrope;
  • You (I am ambitious only for you) - Fox Glove;
  • You (I am worthy of you) - White Rose;
  • You (I attach myself to you) - Indian Jasmine;
  • You (I can't live without you) - Primrose;
  • You (I declare against you) - Wild Licorice;
  • You (I declare war against you) - Tansy;
  • You (I love you) - Red Rose;
  • You (I offer you my all) - Shepherd's Purse;
  • You (I prefer you) - Rose Geranium;
  • You (I watch over you) - Mountain Ash;
  • You (I weep for you) - Purple Verbena;
  • You (I will not survive you) - Black Mulberry;
  • You (I will think of you) - China Aster;
  • You (I'll pray for you) - White Hyacinth;
  • You (if you do love me you will find me out) - Maiden's Blush Rose;
  • You (It's heavenly to be with you) - White Lily;
  • You (longing for you) - Pink Camellia;
  • You (my heart aches for you) - Red Carnation;
  • You (my regrets follow you to the grave) - Asphodel;
  • You (you have no claims) - Pasque Flower;
  • You (you occupy my thoughts) - Pansy; Purple Violet;
  • You (Sorry I can't be with you) - Striped Carnation;
  • You (Thank you for a lovely time) - Sweet Pea;
  • You (Thank you for understanding) - Hydrangea;
  • You (thinking of you) - Bellflower;
  • You (Will you smile?) - Sweet William;
  • You (you please all) - Branch of Currants;
  • You (you please me) - Currants;
  • You (you puzzle me) - Love in a Mist;
  • You've (you've made my life complete - Lily of the Valley;
  • You are (stay as sweet as you are) - Narcissus;
  • You are (You are Adorable) - White Camellia;
  • You are (you are a prophet) - Saint John's Wort (Hypericum);
  • You are (You are beautiful) - Full-blown Rose;
  • You are (You are Lovely) - Gardenia;
  • You are (you are perfect) - Pineapple;
  • You are (you are radiant with charms) - Buttercup; Garden Ranunculus;
  • You are (you are rich in attractions) - Garden Ranunculus;
  • You are (you are the only one I love) - Arbutus;
  • You are (you are the queen of coquettes) - Queen's Rocket;
  • You will (you'll always be beautiful to me) - Stock;
  • Young (young girl) - Red Rosebud;
  • Your (beauty is your only attraction) - Japan Rose;
  • Your (I am dazzled by your charms) - Buttercup; Garden Ranunculus;
  • Your (I am your captive) - Peach Blossom;
  • Your (I mourn your absence) - Zinnias;
  • Your (keep your promises) - Plum Tree;
  • Your (love is reciprocated) - Ambrosia;
  • Your (There's sunshine in your smile) - Yellow Tulip;
  • Your (your friendship means so much to me) - Iris (Fleur-de-Lis);
  • Your (your looks freeze me) - Ice Plant;
  • Your (your presence revives me) - Rosemary;
  • Your (your presence soothes me) - Petunia;
  • Your (Your qualities, like your charms, are unequalled) - Peach;
  • Your (Your qualities surpass your charms) - Mignonette;
  • Youth - Light Pink Rose; White Lilac;
  • Youth (early) - Primrose;
  • Youthful (youthful innocence) - White Lilac;
  • Zest - Lemon;

Note: A lot of hard work went into this post - which was compiled by Shirley Twofeathers for Gypsy Magic, you may repost and share it only if you give me credit and a link back to this website. 
Blessed be!

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