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Friday, August 09, 2013

Spell for a Good Marriage

Goal: To promote a healthy, happy marriage

Optional extras: Pink or blue candle; some symbol of your marriage (wedding ring, wedding picture, picture of the two fo you together doing something happy); lavender or chamomile essential oil or incense.

Note: If you ar both Pagans, you can do the spell together. Otherwise, envision the other partner as being with you in spirit. The spell can also be used for any serious long-term relationship or as part as a handfasting ceremony.

Annoint the candle with oil or light the incense. Then light the candle and envision you and your partner in loving and fun circumstances. Take as long as you need to fix those images in your mind, then say the spell.

If doing this at a handfasting, each partner can take turns saying a section, although each would say the first stanza, and you can hand out the spell to your guests who can repeat the last line of each section.

God and Goddess
As you are joined with each other
So am I joined with (name of person)
In faith and hope and love

Help us to work together
Toward a happy, healthy relationship
Balanced and equal
In work and compromise and love

Let our union be harmonious
Productive, caring and filled with joy
And let us overcome life's difficulties
With cooperation, communication and love

God and Goddess
Watch over this union
And let it grow stronger every day
With passion and joy and love
So mote it be.

From: Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook

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