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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ops for Opportunity

The Roman goddess Ops was a deity of crops, prosperity, and fertility. She was also honored during the Saturnalia, when people exchanged gifts in her name at the festival called Opalia. Also exchanged were dolls representing the receivers as healthy and prosperous. She was invoked by sitting down and touching the Earth with one hand.

This spellworking is best done on the Full Moon, on the Saturnalia, or on the day of the Festival of Ops.

Burn cinnamon or cedar incense. Either make or purchace a green cloth poppet. This is a small cloth, rough figure of a human that is stiched around the edges, with a small opening left for the stuffing. Write your name on the poppet. Stuff it with dried chamomile, vervain, and/or squill. To the herbs add several drops of mint and honeysuckle oils. Sew the opening closed.

As you hold the poppet in the incense smoke, say:

Goddess of opportunity,
Bring good things in life to me.
I'll be alert to all you send.
Goddess, be my helpful friend.

Repeat this three, five, seven, or nine times. The poppet can be left on your altar, carried with you, hung on your bedroom mirror, or in your car. Each full moon you can renew it with this spellworking if you feel it is necessary.

From: Moon Magick

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