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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Insect Freedom Day

Themes: Freedom; Luck; Prosperity; Wealth
Symbols: Insects, the number 7
Presiding Goddess: Saki-Yama-Hime

About Saki-Yama-Hime: The Japanese goddess of fortune and abundance visits today's festivities with her lucky energy, especially for improving your finances. In the spirit of the moment, she also provides a little serendipity to help free you from any burdens weighing you down.

To Do Today:

Throught Japan, vendors line the streets around this time of year with small cages that house crickets and other insects. People purchase these, then take them to temples and free the insects, thereby ensuring luck and prosperity.

This would be a fun activity for children who have a nearby park or woods where they can find a cricket. Alternatively, have them look for an beetle on the sidewalk. Treat the insect kindly all day, giving it little bits of grass or a pinch of sugar. Then, come nightfall, release the creature back to the earth. It will tell the goddess about the human who took care of it! Saki-Yama-Hime can then respond by bringing more good fortune your way.

An adult version of this festival might simply entail not killing any insects today. Take spiders gently outside the home, try not to step on the creepy-crawlies on the walkways, and so on. Generally treat nature's citizens with respect so Saki-Yama-Hime can reward you with liberation and financial Security.

From: 365 Goddess

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