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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Illness Prevention Spell

Goal: To boost the immune system and defenses

Optional Extras: Blue or black candle (use blue for general prevention, and the black if you know you have already been exposed to something); a piece of crystal quartz, black onyx, lapis, or turquoise; healing herbs such as peppermint, lemon balm, calendula, and/or lavender; bowl of hot water or hot bath.

Notes: This spell can be dne as a magickal bath, in which case you place the stone in the tub with you and either sprinkle the herbs in the water or place them in a muslin bag or cloth. If you prefer not to do a bath, then just sprinkle the herbs into a bowl of hot water with the stone. The heat will release the scent and the energy of the herbs. (Essential oil in a diffuser will work well, too). Once you have done the spell, carry the stone with you whenever you feel the need for illness prevention.

This is essentially a protection spell with the specific goal of protecting you from illness. Light the candle, either get into the bath or sprinkle the herbs into the bowl of water, and then visualize yourself being surrounded by a protective golden light. Feel it settle into all your cells, then recite the spell. If you are not taking a bath, submerge your hands in the bowl of water.

Now say:

Raise the shields of my defenses
Keep my body strong and true
My system working to defend me
Healthy, healthy, through and through

Wash away the germs and illness
Wash away the colds and flu
Wash away all that can hurt me
Healthy, healthy, through and through

Keep me balanced, keep me focused
All my cells the light renew
Keeping darkness from my body
Healthy, healthy, through and through

After: Do whatever is necessary to support your body, whether that is eating healthy, getting enough sleep, avoiding dangerous situations, etc. And don't forget to eat your garlic.

From: Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook
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