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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

About Krishna

Title: The Charmer
Also known as: Krsna
Color: Blue
Attribute: Flute whose sound is compelling and enchanting
Iconography: Krishna's skin is blue; he wears a peacock feather crown.
Offerings: Butter; Sweets
Sacred Site: Krishnajanmabhoomi Temple in Mathura, India is said to be Krishna's birthplace.

Krishna is among the most beloved Hindu deities, worshipped throughout the subcontinent and around the world. He is also a great favorite of independent practitioners. He is among the most widely venerated of all spirits, bar none.

Technically, Krishna is an avatar of Vishnu, however, if so, he is the favorite form. Krishna himself is worshipped in several forms:
  • Krishna is the Divine Child, eternally delightful, mischievous, fun-loving and charming.
  • Krishna is the intoxicatingly beautiful, irresistible lover.
  • Krishna is the young cowherd who lives in an idyllic forest.
  • Krishna is the spiritual teacher, guide and advisor.
Krishna is free, spontaneous and fearless. He is a prankster although never evil intentioned. Despite his sweet, loving nature, he is a powerful spirit who vanquishes the fiercest, deadliest, most toxic demons. Krishna is a pivotal figure in the epic, the Mahabharata. He remains a particularly energetic, active spirit; manifesting to people and appearing in dreams and visions. He is all-powerful and may be petitioned for anything.

Krishna is physically beautiful; charming and charismatic. He has a sharp sense of humor but he is an incredible spiritual adept. Those who have witnessed him recently comment on his very recognizable blue skin.

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