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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Magick for the Highland Games

Themes: Sports; Strength; Excellence; Kinship; Art; Tradition; Magick; Protection; Victory
Symbols: Tartan (plaids); Celtic Music
Presiding Goddess: Scáthach

About Scáthach: This Celtic mother figure endows strength, endurance, and the ability to "go the distance" no matter our situation. In Scotland she is also a warrior goddess who protects the land using magick as a weapon, as implied by the translation of her name, "she who strikes fear." Warriors from around Scotland were said to have studied under Scáthach to learn battle cries and jumping techniques (possibly a type of martial arts).

To Do Today:

In Scotland, the second weekend in July marks the gathering of Scottish clans to revel in their heritage through numerous games of skill, strength, and artistry (including bagpipe competitions). If you have any Scottish or Celtic music, play it while you get ready to energize your whole day with Scáthach's perseverance. If you don't have the music, for a similar effect find something to wear with a Scottish motif, like heather perfume, a plaid tie, things bearing the image of a thistle or sheep, or anything woolen.

To make a Scáthach amulet to protect your home, car, or any personal possessions, begin with a piece of plaid cloth and put some dried heather in it (alternatively, put in several strands of woolen yarn). Tie this up and keep it where you believe her powers are most needed.

From: 365 Goddess

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