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Friday, July 05, 2013

For A Magickal Tynwald Day

Themes: Justice; Community; Peace; Wisdom; Knowledge; Forgiveness; Maturity; Unity
Symbols: Gray; Pigs; Deer; Horse; Birds
Presiding Goddess: Mala Laith

About Mala Laith: Known often simply by the designation "gray one," Mala Laith is the ancient Celtic crone goddess. Mala Laith is said to have made the mountains and formed many stone circles, alluding to her age and power. She travels in the company of birds, pigs, deer, or a gray horse, carrying wisdom, knowledge, understanding, sensibility, and preparation to us as gifts that come with maturity.

To Do Today:

On this day (July 5), people on the Isle of Mann honor the old Norse assembly system instituted over one thousand years ago by gathering to discuss legal matters and end internal bickering. As they do, Mala Laith stands by offering good counsel and sagacity. For us this means taking a moment out to make sure things in our life are in order and being properly attended to. Review your checking account, follow up on legal matters, make peace with someone from whom you've been estranged, and generally spend the day focusing on sound action, wise words, and sensible thinking. This invokes Mala Laith's energy.

Wear something gray today to honor the goddess and watch to see if any of her sacred animals show up (in logos, on billboards, anywhere) during your day. If they do, pay close attention to their movements and actions. They're bringing a message to you from Mala Laith , and it's well worth heeding.

From: 365 Goddess

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