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Friday, June 14, 2013

Celebrating Strawberry Festival Season

Themes: Harvest; Tradition; Growth; Longevity; Community
Symbols: Turtle; Seeds
Presiding Goddess: Awehai

About Awehai: In Iroquois tradition, this goddess reigns in the sky and the heavens, watching diligently over family life and the community. Mythology tells us that Awehai grabbed seeds and animals as she fell from heaven, landing on the back of a great turtle. From here, Awehai scattered the seeds and freed the animals, resulting in a growing, fertile earth filled with beauty.

To Do Today:

June is strawberry festival time, and the dates vary from place to place. According to the book, 365 Goddess , the strawberry festival in Tonawanda New York was instituted by the Iroquois Indians. Here people come to the longhouse to enjoy ritual dancing, chanting, and the sounding of turtle-shell rattles, a symbol of Awehai. So, if you know any type of traditional ritual dances or chants, consider enacting them outside as you scatter grass seed to the wind. This will manifest Awehai's productivity in your life and in the earth.

Another custom is simpler and a lot of fun: consuming strawberries in as many forms as possible. In Iroquois tradition, these pave the road to heaven, and eating them ensures you a long life and Awehai's fertility. Share strawberries with a loved one to inspire Awehai's community oriented energy in your home, and consume fresh strawberries to harvest her powers for personal growth.

From:  365 Goddess
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