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Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Apple As A Magickal Ingredient

  • Folk Names: Fruit of the Underworld, Silver Bough, Tree of Love, Silver Branch
  • Quality: Cold
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Water
  • Associated Deities: Venus; Hercules; Diana; King Arthur; Dionysus Olwen; Apollo; Hera; Athena
  • Parts Used: Fruit, Cider, Blossoms, 
  • Basic Powers: Love, Healing

The forbidden fruit yields much power. Cut it in half horizontal to the stem to reveal the sacred witches' pentagram. Eat apples on Samhain. Apples can also be used in place of a poppet.

Add apple blossoms to love and healing incenses. Cut an apple in three pieces, rub each on a sick person's body, and then bury them. The decaying apple will cure the illness. The same ritual is done with warts.

Pour cider to give life to a newly-dug field. Use apple cider in place of blood or wine if they are called for in old magical spells and rites.

Wear apple blossom scented oil to promote happiness and success. The oil can also be used to anoint candles during love rituals and added to a bath to aid relaxation.

Apples are a food of love. Offer a bite to a prospective lover. If he or she accepts, you will begin a love affair. To strengthen a love bond, give an apple to a lover as a present, cut it in half and eat on half while your lover eats his or hers. Twist the stem of an apple while calling out the letters of the alphabet. The letter you call out as the stem breaks will be the first letter of the name of your true love. Rub apple oil or fragrance on red candles to bring true love. Leave an offering of an apple under a tree for Venus and make a request for love.

Red apples are for love, golden apples for fame and popularity, and green apples are for prosperity.

From: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients, and Magical Herbalism

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