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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Mugwort - A Virtuous Herbe

"It's tops, leaves and flowers are full of virtue; they are aromatic; and most safe and excellent in female disorders."
  • Latin name: Artemisia vulgaris
  • Common name: St. John's Plant
  • Family: Compositae
  • Properties: Emmenagogue, nervine, diaphoretic, aromatic, diuretic, stimulent.
  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Earth
  • Magickal Influences: Psychic awareness, Psychic Dreams, Astral projection
Basic Information:
Easily propagated by seed or root, the perennial mugwort is a rampant weed in Britain, Europe, Asia and the US. The broad deeply cut leaves are dark green above with silver down beneath; the stems are often reddish and the small yellow flowers bloom profusely from early summer.

Magickal Uses:

Mugwort has both a large lore from past use as a magickal Herbe, and enjoys great popularity even today. It is considered a Visionary Herbe, being much used by those practicing prophecy and divination. It is used to protect homes, friends, possessions, and to consecrate various implements of magick. It has a strong connection with the crystal ball.

Drink mugwort tea on a dark moon to reveal Armageddon-type prophecies. Drink on a new moon to gain spiritual possibilities of a more positive nature. Drink mugwort tea on a full moon to fulfill desires in love. Wash crystal balls in a warm mugwort bath to increase their clarity. Add mugwort to any love potion to gain access to feelings of another and to bond psychically with a lover. Carry a fresh sprig to bring safety in travel and prevent obstacles and delays on the road.

Magickal Aromatherapy:

This beautiful herb has long been associated with the shadowy world of the seer as well as with the Moon. Its scent stills the conscious mind and awakens the deep consciousness.

To promote psychic awareness, inhale the odor of the fresh crushed leaves with visualization. For psychic dreams, inhale directly pror to falling asleep.

To utilize its legendary ability to effect astral projection (the separation of the consciousness from the body, allowing it to travel at will unbounded by distance or time), sniff before making the attemp while visualizing perfect control over this ability

Herbal Uses:

Gather and dry the leaves and tops just before flowering; dig the roots in the fall and dry whole.

The leaves were used to flavor and preserve ale before the introduction of hops, and it is thought to have received its name from once being a major flavoring for ale and beer.

They taste less bitter than wormwood, and can be used to counter fatty meat. The flowering tops were a traditional Continental ingredient of goose stuffing.

The root and leaves have similar properties to wormwood and thogh less potent, should only be taken in small doses. Take a weak infusion of leaves, tops or root as an antiseptic tonic. A strong infusion added to the bath has an invigorating effect.

Mugwart is primarily used by women today, for it has a strong value as an emmenagogue. It is used when the menstural cycle is fraught with pain and difficulty, and having also nervine properties, it is excellent in this use. It is often recommended that it be mixed equally with pennyroyal. it is very useful in childbirth and is excellent to give as a tonic around the time of birth, restoring health to the mother and promoting an easier labor.

Mugwort has also been used in the treatment of feverish colds and has been a bathing herb for the same purpose. At one time it was used as a nervine in the treatment of epilepsy and other nervous disorders.

Note: As always consult your physician before taking any herbal preparation that you have not thoroughly researched in advance, especially during pregnancy.

Warning: The essential oil is considered to be hazardous and is not recommended for use.

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