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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Whale Festival

Themes: Nature; Meditation; Rebirth; Movement
Symbols: Water; Whale
Presiding Goddess: Whale Goddess

About the Whale Goddess: In arabic tradition, the Whale Goddess swallowed Jonah, neatly giving him time to consider his life and actions seriously before his figurative rebirth. Let's hope she doesn't have to go that far to get our attention this month (or anytime, for that matter).

In some stories, the earth rests on this goddess's back, and earthquakes result when she gets upset and shakes her tail. Symbolically, when your life seems on shaky ground, consider what this goddess is trying to tell you!

To Do Today:

Around this time of year, in Northern California, people examine the coastline with renewed interest and anticipation. They're watching the annual whale migration - a breathtaking sight. Since many of us cannot experience this first hand, consider the whale as a magical symbol instead. The gods ride whales to carry messages to the mortal world. Witches ride them to bear their magic on the water. In both instances the whale carries something - either to your heart or toward a goal. Use this image in meditations for movement, and consider the symbolism if whales show up in your dreams tonight.

If possible, visit an aquarium and watch whales there. Or send a donation to an accredited facility to give something back to the Whale Goddess and her children.

From: 365 Goddess

Note: Whale watching festivals occur around the world and the dates vary widely.  In South Africa, the town of Hermanus is one of the world centers for whale watching. Between May and December Southern Right Whales come so close to the Cape shoreline that visitors can watch whales from their hotels. The town employs a "whale crier" to walk through the town announcing where whales have been seen.

In California, the Fort Bragg Whale Festival is set for March 16 -17, 2013. 20,000 gray whales are expected to pass by. For more details, and other Whale Festival dates visit MendoWhale
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