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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crane Watching

Themes: Air; Earth; Nature; Health; Longevity; Devotion; Wishes; Relationships
Symbols: Feathers; Birdseed
Presiding Goddess: Tamra

About Tamra: In Hindu tradition, this goddess was the ancestor of all birds. As such she can teach us their special language, which often bears communications from the divine. As the consort of the turtle god Kashyapa, she also represents a potent union between earth and air elements.

To Do Today:

People in Nebraska spend six weeks watching the cranes who rest and feed here during the migratory season. (For information and dates of the annual Crane Festival visit Nebraska Crane Festival). This region of the United States boasts the largest group of sandhill cranes, about fifty thousand birds. Magically speaking, these creatures represent health, longevity, and devotion. Visualize a crane residing in your heart chakra anytime you feel your eyes straying from the one you love, or whenever you need improved well-being.

Birds offer numerous magical applications. For warmth in a relationship, scatter feathers to the winds with your wish. The birds will use the feathers in their nests, symbolically keeping your nest intact and affectionate. Or, disperse birdseed while thinking of a question and wait for the birds to come. After they feed, as the birds fly away, watch their movement. Flight to the right indicates a positive response; to the left is negative. If the birds scatter, things are iffy. If they fly straight up overhead, a heartfelt wish is being taken directly to Tamra.

From: 365 Goddess
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