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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Celebrating The Tubilustrium

Themes: Protection; Victory; Communication; Strength
Symbols: Swords (or Athame); Spear
Presiding Goddess: Bellona
Dates: March 23 and May 23

About Bellonna: She who kindles the fire of the sun and the fire in the bellies of warriors, Bellona is both a mother and a battle goddess, being the female equivalent of Mars with a distinct diplomatic twist. Those who call upon Bellona receive strategy, tactfulness, and a keen sense of how to handle explosive situations effectively.

To Do Today:

Romans spent today ritually cleansing their trumpets for battle and honoring the people who make the trumpets. In this part of the world, a horn not only signaled a charge but invoked the goddess's attention. So, for what personal battle(s) do you need to sound Bellona's horn today? Find a horn with which to do just that. In a pinch a kazoo or a piece of construction paper rolled to look like a megaphone will do. Shout your battle plans to Bellona so she can respond with all her resources to help you.

If you use a sword, athame (sacred knife), or wand in magic, today is an excellent time to take out that tool and invoke Bellona's blessing on it. Oil and sharpen the blade, polish the wand, then hold it in your hand as if it were a weapon, saying:

Bellona, see this implement of magic, which, as any,
has two edges - for boon and bane. 
May only goodness flow through this tool, 
and may I ever remain aware of the responsibility for its use.
So be it.

From: 365 Goddess
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