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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Simple Bay Magicks

An all around successful herb, bay or bay laurel was originally offered only to the gods. Later on it was used to crown the victors of the ancient Olympic games. It is still considered an herb of success and victory.
  • Add bay leaves to bathwater or crush them into powder and burn them for success.
  • Sprinkle it around a place of business to draw customers. 
  • Add bay oil to green candles for money spells. 
Bay leaves assist petitions, messages, and wishes to reach the spirit realm quickly and clearly. 
  • Write your wishes on bay leaves and then burn them.
  • When you find a bay leaf in your soup bowl, bite it between your teeth and make a wish. 
Bay is considered a dual-fold herb and can remove evil from a dwelling as well as bless it with positive energy. Cook bay leaves in soup for protection. Lay dried bay leaves flat over your mattress and cover them with a fresh, white sheet. This draws luck as well as promoting sound sleep.

From: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients and other sources

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