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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wolf Lore and Superstition

During the middle ages, wolves were ascribed magical powers and wolf parts became an important part of many early pharmacies. Powered wolf liver was used to ease birth pains. A wolf's right paw, tied around ones throat, was believed to ease the swelling. 

It was widely believed that a horse that stepped in a wolf print would be crippled, the gaze of a wolf would cause blindness, the breath of the wolf could cook meat, and that wolves sharpened their teeth before hunting.

Dead wolves were buried at a village entrance to keep out other wolves (some farmers continue to shoot predators and hang them on fence posts to repel other predators.)

Travelers were warned about perils of walking through lonely stretches of woods, and stone shelters were built to protect them from attacks. Our modern word "loophole" is derived from the European term "loup hole," or wolf hole, a spy hole in shelters.

Modern (one could say, more enlightened) ideas about wolves hold that they embody the following attributes and qualities: 
  • Facing the End of One's Cycle with Dignity and Courage, Death and Rebirth, 
  • Spirit Teaching, An Astral Wolf Could Lead You to a Spiritual Teacher, Learning, the Shadow, Careful Study, Spiritual Guidance in Dreams and Meditations, 
  • Instinct Linked with Intelligence, Cunning, Intuition, Thought
  • Social and Family Values, Loyalty, Steadfastness, Stability, 
  • Spirit, Inner Divinity, Psychic Energy, Ritual, 
  • Strong Protection, Skill in Protection of Self and Family, Ability to Pass by Dangers Invisibly, Escaping Hunters, Guardianship,  Outwitting Enemies, 
  • Taking Advantage of Change, Perseverance, a Pathfinder, Success, 
Collected from various sources.
Image found at: Deviant Art

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