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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Water Stones

This is a fairly comprehensive list of stones and crystals ruled by the element of water, along with their attributes and uses.

Amethyst: The amethyst is one of the best known magical stones. Said to cure drunkenness, a chunk of amethyst was often dropped into a goblet of wine. The amethyst is an intensely spiritual stone and is useful for opening the third eye, shifting consciousness, and increasing psychic awareness. It is said to have a calming influence. It also works well in beauty spells.

Aquamarine: The aquamarine is the stone of the Sea Witch. It is useful for increasing psychic awareness, cleansing, purifying, travel protection, and promoting peace and harmony.

Azurite: This stone promotes psychic awareness and divination. It may also be used in healing spells.

Beryl: Beryl is the material used for true crystal balls. It can be worn to protect against foul weather or to call rain. It is said to aclm arguments by allowing civil, intelligent debate.

Blue calcite: Blue calcite is useful for healing and purifying.

Blue lace agate: This stone promotes peace and happiness when worn or carried. It also absorbs stress. Blue lace agate has a calming influence on the household when placed about the home or worn as jewelry.

Celestite: Celestite absorbs stress, promotes healing, and helps the wearer express emotions. This stone is particularly useful in therapy settings.

Chalcedony: Chalcedony is another good stone in therapy settings. It also serves to guard against psychic attack and nightmares.

Jade: According to African belief, jade has the power to stimulate rain to fall. It is also used in fertility matters, as an attractant for good luck, and to attract love and friendship.

Lapis lazuli: Lapis lazuli is a stone of personal strength. When worn, it is said to improve one's mood, mental state, and eyesight and to calm the spirit by attracting universal forces of love. It also works well in matters pertaining to fidelity.

Lepidolite: Lepidolite is a stone of peace. Its relaxing vibrations are said to calm even the most hostile of tempers. It absorbs stress and anger.

Moonstone: The moonstone attracts love vibrations. It is also useful in fertility matters, protection, and increasing one's psychic vibrations.

Sapphire: Sacred to Apollo, the sapphire has been credited with increasing psychic awareness, love, protection, improving one's social life, and relieving anger.

Selenite: Selenite is used for boosting one's personal energy and deepening the bond between lovers.

Sodalite: Sodalite is another therapy stone. It is thought to relieve fear, stress, nervousness, anger, and mental imbalances.

 From: The Elemental Witch

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