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Friday, September 02, 2011

Grapes as a Magickal Ingredient

Ruler: Bacchus and his maenads, Moon,
Type: Fruit
Magickal Form: Green, purple, red

Grapes can be used in many types of prosperity or money attraction spells. They can be eaten as part of prosperity spellwork if the person casting the spell visualizes money energy vibrating as the grapes are eaten. You can also place grapes on the altar during money spells. Pictures of Grapes or grape Vines can be painted onto garden walls to ensure the garden's fertility, as was done in ancient Rome. Eating grapes or raisins is said to increase fertility, as well as strengthen mental powers.

Consume green grapes every day from new moon to full moon to increase your income. Eat purple grapes on dark and full moons to gain psychic sight and increase your power and influence. Red grapes promote love; feed a crush a cluster to summon playfulness and lust.

This sacred fruit invokes "madness" or the frenzy of being possessed by the god. Eat some on a full moon to open your ability to channel divinity.

From: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients
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