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Friday, September 09, 2011

Chrysanthemum Magick

  • Ruler: Goddess of seasons and change; Fire
  • Type: Plant
  • Magickal form: Flower
This multicolored fall bloom holds cooling properties. The Chinese brew tea from its flowers to reduce fevers. For magickal purposese sprinkle the petals around a space to stop arguments and calm fiery tempers.

Add whole fresh flowers with stems to the bathwater to get rid of a bad mood. Before exiting the bath, break all the stems of the flowers to cut off the negative energy they have absorbed.

Mums are the flower of choice to decorate the altar for autumn equinox rituals. On the ninth day of the ninth month (September 9) drink Chrysanthemum tea to magically encourage longevity. The Chrysanthemum blossom is a symbol of an easy life, longevity and retirement. Plant some by your front door.

Found in: The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients
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