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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Drawing Down The Sun

Creating a solar charged mirror is very simple, and is also potentially quite dangerous. If done incorrectly, it can have tragic consequences. It must not be attempted by children. Adults: remember the cautionary tale of Icarus, who underestimated the power of the sun.
  1. On a bright sunny day, hold a small mirror in the palm of your hand, tilted to catch direct sunlight.
  2. Maintain this position for no more than a few seconds. Nine seconds is the maximum.
  3. That's it: the mirror is charged. The sun is so powerful that nine seconds is all it takes, and half of that is probably more than sufficient.
This mirror must be reserved for magical purposes, and should be covered when not in use. If it is accidentally used for another purpose, it must be cleansed, reconsecrated and the ritual repeated.

The mirror can be used for divination, banishing, spiritual communication, and any spell that calls for the use of a mirror.

Be sure to follow the safety measures listed below:
  • Do not look into the mirror until the ritual is complete and the mirror is withdrawn from the sun. You must not watch the reflection within the mirror.
  • Keep your eyes averted.
  • Do not perform this ritual in the vicinity of dried paper, dried leaves or botanicals, or anything else that could potentially catch fire.
  • Make sure no one is nearby who could be inadvertently blinded or burned.

From: Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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