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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Goddess Furina

Alternate Spelling: Furrina
Origin: Etruscan or Italian
Favored people: Thieves, robbers
Element: Water and Earth
Feast day: July 25
Time: After dark

Furina is the ancient and mysterious matron goddess of thieves and robbers. Her name derives from the same root word as "fortune." Furina was not a forbidden or suppressed goddess venerated only by miscreants. She was officially incorporated into Roman state religion. Furina had her own annual festival. She had a priest, a temple, and a sacred grove on the Haniculum ridge alongside the Tiber's west bank. (The site is not occupied by the Villa Sciarra.) Furina was associated with a spring in her grove. Some scholars theorize that she was originally a spirit of the watery depths.

From: Encyclopedia of Spirits
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